Good Eats: @BellyBusterSub opening!


On Wednesday, we were invited to The Belly Buster Submarine’s brand new downtown location to try one of their signature subs. I’ve never been a fan of subs ever, but I’m always down to try something new, and thought maybe, just maybe a Belly Buster sub would change my mind about subs. 20130619_165020

I love that the new location still has the original Belly Buster colours. It’s still old school, but has a fresh modern twist to it.20130619_165624


I gotta get my picture up there, cause I went HAM on my veggie sub! It was so so good!20130619_165732

Simple menu. No fuss, just yummy subs!20130619_165800



“Busting hunger since 1974” 

I couldn’t wait to get my belly bust!20130619_170414

Myself and Jian20130619_170846

Kylie’s a G! lol20130619_171114

I only saw this as I was posting the pictures lol20130619_171123

IMG_20130619_175346Thank you for inviting us, I will definitely be coming back for another sub!

For all of you who have experienced a Belly Buster sub, you no longer have to go all the way to North York to satisfy your craving, cause now there’s one right downtown! For those of you who haven’t yet had one, GET YOU SOME!