Shower to Shower Freshening Body Powder

I love wearing skirts, shorts and dresses in the summer but I hate it when my thighs get so hot they rub against each other!  Sitting on plastic chairs on patios, crossing sweaty legs on benches and even going to the beach. The one summer beauty must-have is a very special powder that will save you a lot of mess. I use to use baby powder for this but thanks to Shower to Shower – I don’t have to smell like a baby this summer.

Shower to Shower!  Meet this cooling beauty that can prevent blisters from forming when exercising in the heat.  Most blisters are formed by friction and sweat – Use this powder to keep your body dry and fresh.  Just use a sprinkle a day.  I have been using this on my legs this past week and it has been awesome!  Also after the beach and the sand is stuck to you – just use a handful of Shower to Shower powder and the sand will come right off.  Wearing flats this summer, cover your feet with Shower to Shower powder and it will stay dry throughout the day.

The scents come in fresh – camomile, sandalwood, rose, island fresh (my fav) plum, orange, apple, morning fresh lavender, juniper, amber breeze fresh vanilla and citrus and sport