Best of NYC: Drinks

After you’ve gorged on some of the food mention in my last blog post, you might want to grab a drink afterwards…

I’m usually content with getting some beers in K-Town on a typical Friday night (read: pocha side dishes, BBQ, or cheesy ramen as “chasers”). However, if you want to go somewhere with the girls or with a date, I recommend a cocktail bar in Fi-Di called The Dead Rabbit. As soon as the friendly host greets you at the door of the two-story place, you will feel as if you have stepped back in time. This 1940’s style bar has already won several awards for their unique and delectable cocktails (I also recommend their fries). The drinks are a bit pricey but the experience is truly original and delightful.

rabbitSource: The Dead Rabbit

One night I met up with some of my  old classmates and we passed by a sleek, crowded bar in Alphabet City called The Summit. We decided that we simply had to go in and see what it was like. The place is small, the crowd is young, and the cocktails are strong. Their house special is The Governor but I ordered a delicious drink called The Governess. One of their special customers also gave me a free glass of wine from behind the bar so, of course,  I only have positive things to say about this place!


Source: The Summit

After hitting up The Summit, we went to a renowned cocktail bar called Pouring Ribbons. We ordered several refreshing cocktails as well as a prosciutto and cheese plate. The place is surprisingly spacious and the interior has an old world sort of charm. The owner, Joaquín Simó, is a former academic who was named as the American Bartender of The Year, so you can be sure that the staff knows what they are doing!

pouringSource: Pouring Ribbons