Enter the #SnapDragon @Qualcomm

My first outing with the HeyDoYou crew brought me to a tech event of epic proportions at SIR Stage 37.  Last Thursday night, I attended a Qualcomm event on Manhattan’s west side, surrounded by some of the latest and fastest mobile devices in the tech game thanks to the Snapdragon processor.

If you saw this amazing video Yvonne shared a few days ago, you’re already familiar with the 360° photo booth constructed with over a hundred HTC phones.  Little did I realize I would witness that in all of its glory just a couple days later, break dancers and all!

picstitch (1)

Still photos barely do this thing justice.  Imagine witnessing that famous scene from the Matrix in person, all captured with mobile phones- all possible thanks to Snapdragon.

Later, we were entertained with a live DJ performance spinning exclusively on Snapdragon-powered tablets.  The interactive demonstration was so cool that even the most timid of tech-nerds was getting down with their bad selves.  Admittedly, I’m one of those nerds.

picstitch (3)

I was able to play with all kinds of Snapdragon devices in the heart of phones and tablets from LG to HTC and more.  And, if the night couldn’t get any better, there was a photobooth printing flip books– amazing!

picstitch (2)

For more on Snapdragon, check out http://www.qualcomm.com/snapdragon