@StIvesSkin is Declaring Nov. 1st #ScrubOff Day!

This past week NYC beauty editors were treated (and I mean treated!) to an impressive Halloween event at The Heath at the McKittrick Hotel (a place I’ve always wanted to go!). This was an all-out party with customizable candy apples and hor ‘doeuvres on offer, as well as a bunch of awesome activities to take part in, such as pumpkin painting, tarot card readings, puppet shows, and fake painting (my fave). I wasn’t able to take photos at this event so check out these cool pics from GLAM:


What a fun way to ring in Halloween! But what happens after the face paint? Well, St. Ives has cleverly declared November 1st National Scrub Off Day to mark the time when everyone will be taking off that face makeup and scrubbing their faces back to normality. And there’s really no better way to scrub it all off than with St. Ives.


Here’s a few of my fave products:


The St. Ives Fresh Skin Invigorating Apricot Scrub. Who doesn’t have this wonder product in their beauty cabinet? If you’re one of the few who doesn’t, go out and buy it now! This stuff is simply the best. Here’s why it works to keep your skin feeling fantastic. It contains the best natural products out there, such as apricots, walnuts and corn kernel meal. Put all these together and you’ve got yourself an incredible post-Halloween face scrub that leaves skin feeling hydrated and nourished.

green tea body scrub

The St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Body Scrub. For an all-over scrub, try this! The antioxidant power of green tea will keep your skin soothed while fighting blemishes. Squirt a little on a pouf in the shower, lather up and rinse. You’ll feel an immediate difference.

Hydration spray

And the newest arrival to the St. Ives lineup–Fresh Hydration Lotion Sprays! These new sprays give you all the moisturizer your skin needs, without a heavy lotion feel. Choose from Energizing Citrus & Vitamin C, Soothing Oatmeal & Shea Butter or Coconut Milk & Orchid Extract (my personal fave!). These are so perfect for the winter months when our skin can get dried out in front of a cozy heater!

Check out these great products at StIves.com and buy them when you’re out next–your post-Halloween skin will love you for it.

And don’t forget St. Ives fans can submit a photo of a past or present Halloween look via Instagram by tagging it with the hashtag #ScrubOff and enter to win a #ScrubOff prize pack, which will include an assortment of St. Ives scrub products and a $250 gift card to a participating retailer. To learn more about the #ScrubOff contest and St. Ives brand, follow @StIvesSkin on Instagram and Twitter and visit Facebook.com/StIves.