Kleancolor Nail Polish Review

(Mocha by Kleancolor… SO OBSESSED WITH THIS COLOR!!)

Recently my housekeeper decided to throw away my entire bag of nail polishes. Polishes i’ve collected over the years. Polishes I love. Polishes i’ve spent lots of money and time collecting. Anyways, now I’m starting from scratch and filling my nail polish duffle bag once more. I was shopping at a local clothing store and I knew I needed a new color so I chose one from the nail polish rack at the cashier. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE! All the polishes were Kleancolor polishes. I chose a color called Mocha which was a light brown with a hint of baby pink. For a $2 bottle of nail polish, the consistency was pretty smooth and the brush was way better than most of the cheap polishes I’ve tried before. The thing I love most about this polish was that it dried so fast. I have the tendency to wait til night time (an hour or so before I go to bed) to do my nails. I can almost always guarantee my nails aren’t perfect when I wake up in the morning if I don’t sleep with my hands placed nicely over my covers. This polish dried super quick even with the three coats I put on. I put on two coats of clear on top and my nails looked absolutely perfect! For someone that used to be a nail polish brand snob, this is a great one. Since I’m building my nail polish collection from scratch I can afford to save a few bucks a bottle too 🙂


xo, June 🙂