To @lilacchocolates factory we go!

final look

How appropriate that Yvonne and I should go to Li-Lac Chocolate‘s factory on Halloween. Here is a look inside at the process of making fine chocolates.

Toffee is being cooled and chopped:

cutting toffee

Marzipan is being dipped into chocolate:

dipping chocolates

And towards the end, the I Love Lucy style packing, which yields this:

 chocolate packaging

 Everything is as delicious as it looks. Yvonne preferred the milk chocolate, and I preferred the dark. My personal favorites are chocolate covered marzipan and chocolate covered pretzels. We both agreed that we wouldn’t say no to a chocolate Thanksgiving turkey. Tis the season. To be decadent.

chocolate factory

And I feel good about being decadent. I remember Michael Pollan saying in Food Rules that as long as we’re eating food that our grandparents’ generation recognized as food, we’re okay. Li-Lac’s recipes haven’t changed since they started.

Li-Lac prides itself on tradition, and they are celebrating their 90th anniversary this Sunday, November 3rd at their Jane Street shop in Greenwich Village with 1923 prices. Come eat and be decadent!