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    Best Easter Inspired Chocolate Treats of this Season and Why Get Them Now

    Easter is behind us, which means that it’s time to get ready for the hunt of treats. Yes, you heard us right. The hunt for the best Easter treats at discount prices! This is the best time to roll up your sleeves and dig into the well of choco goodness that Easter bunnies have left behind. This season offered an abundance of Easter-themed candy creations, from classic sweets getting a new spring twist to innovative and unique chocolate marvels. From farm animals to carrots and coconuts, here are six Easter-themed chocolate treats that will capture your attention and enthrall your taste buds.

    Easter version of M&Ms

    There isn’t a person in the world, young or old, who doesn’t enjoy the taste of these colorful sweets. Classic M&Ms have added a new twist to their regular design and the results are these delicious Easter-themed candies. You can serve them as an afternoon snack or nibble them together with your colleagues during break at work. Either way, these adorable little eggs are bound to sweeten your day.

    Nostalgic Chocolate Carrots by Lindt

    As we all know, Lindt is the master of making the finest and yummiest chocolates and this season their Easter treats are carrying a nostalgic touch. One bite of these tasty treats will take us right back to the golden and innocent days of childhood. Indulge in sweet chocolate carrots and reminisce of the Easter Sundays of the past and egg hunts on a sunny weather.

    Marshmallow Easter Bunnies by Peeps

    Easter holidays are the time of indulging in sweets a little more than usual, so incorporating a healthy component to candies is a great idea. Peeps created these cute little marshmallow bunnies which don’t contain gluten and fat but taste amazing nonetheless. Share these with your little ones as a light treat after Sunday’s brunch to keep the Easter atmosphere going.  

    Chocolab Easter eggs

    Search through a large selection of chocolate Easter eggs online and find the perfect candy for you. From white chocolate, mint, nutella, and peanut butter flavors, to classic chocolate bunnies and large egg slabs, here you can find everything you need to complete your Easter celebration. After trying them, your little ones will be over the moon and you won’t complain either, we’re sure.

    Bettys Saddleback Pig

    Bring the charms of springtime on farms into your home with this friendly pig that’s certainly having a blast in its chocolate “mud”. Crafted from the finest Swiss milk chocolate, this adorable fellow has hand-made decorations of white chocolate and a cocoa dusted coat, which makes the flavor all the more intensive. Indulge into this creamy delight with your youngsters and bring them closer the world of nature and animals.

    Choc on Choc coconut Easter egg

    This year, Choc on Choc is bringing the smell of palm trees and coastal paradise into Easter celebration with their coconut themed Easter egg. On the outside it looks the same as the real coconut, but once you crack it open you’ll find a silky white chocolate layer and a cluster of little chocolate milk eggs wrapped up in golden foil and peeking from the inside. A lustrous and tropical way to celebrate Easter holidays indeed, so have a taste of these sunlit candies to get a little preview of summer.

    Easter celebration isn’t complete without special treats to further sweeten the atmosphere, and these treats will definitely make the Easter hunt worth your while. Take your pick from a wide selection of choices and make the youngest members of the family thrilled over the upcoming holidays. Use these candies to establish new sweet family traditions and make precious memories your kids will treasure for a long time.

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    Lucas Candies for Valentine’s Day

    Give your sweetheart the Sweet Six ​this Valentine’s Day!

    Lucas Candies, the celebrity-favorite, iconic, 118-year old chocolate and candy maker from Haverstraw, NY is offering six of their sweetest candy bars in one basket.  The Sweet Six include
    the best-selling P.M.S bar, the Honey Badger bar, the Gone Bananas bar, the In Therapy bar, a milk chocolate Straight Up bar, and a dark chocolate Straight Up bar.

    Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 4.33.07 PMBUY here

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    Be Mine Valentine Royal Taste Chocolate Truffle by @Prestat

    PRESTAT – U.K’S Royal Chocolatier, brings their regal confections across the pond with a collection of truffles sweet enough event for a Princess (the Duchess Kate + husband William are fans!)..even the guys will find these stately treats delectable..the Sea Salt & Caramel truffles are a favorite of the HRH Prince Harry!

    Give a loved one the gift of a sweet legacy with this box of 12 artisan truffles by historic London chocolatier Prestat, founded in 1902.

    The heart shaped box contains 12 different truffles, each is different and thought through from concept to execution. The flavors included are: Tropical Cinnamon, St. James’s Coffee, The 1895 Gianduja, Pistachio Summer, Sicilian Key Lime, Hazelnut Feuilletine, Sweet Sea Salt, and Ginger Fire, Orange and Frankincense, The Earl Grey, Coconut Oasis, and Marc de Champagne Jubilee.

    Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles_ _13 - Prestat 1 Prestat_London Gin Truffles Prestat_Red Velvet Truffles

    PRESTAT Truffles
    Pink Marc de Champagne Chocolate, London Gin, Milk Chocolate Marc de Champagne, Sea Salt & Caramel, and Red Velvet.
    Retail $24.00 (each)
    Available for purchase: prestat.com
    Even if you don’t have a Valentine this year, get a box to share with your friends over Rom-Com Netflix and a pajama party!
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    @GODIVA goodies just in time for Lunar New Year!

    To celebrate the Lunar New Year, our amazing friends at Godiva invited us to an exclusive Lunar New Year Prosperity Celebration in NYC this week!


    This special event was held at the GODIVA Chocolatier Corporate Headquarters in Manhattan (I had no idea deliciousness was so close to home!). And this celebration was amaaazing. To put it mildly.

    Not only was Senior Chef Chocolatier David Funaro on the scene to walk us through the chocolatey goodness of signature cocktails and chocolate-dipped treats…


    But we were also treated to the unveiling of the limited edition 2014 GODIVA “Year of the Horse” Lunar New Year collection of chocolates. Check these decadent goodies out:

    Lunar New Year Gift Box with bonus lucky red envelopes ($50):


    The Pure Bliss Gift Basket ($100):


    Godiva even has their limited edition Year of the Horse chocolates out in 3 delicious flavors: dark caramel pear, milky cherry almond + white pineapple macadamia.


    And yes, they do taste just as delicious as they look!

    Shop online at Godiva.com or find your nearest Godiva boutique. They’ve made it so easy (and decadent) to celebrate the Lunar New Year!


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    To @lilacchocolates factory we go!

    final look

    How appropriate that Yvonne and I should go to Li-Lac Chocolate‘s factory on Halloween. Here is a look inside at the process of making fine chocolates.

    Toffee is being cooled and chopped:

    cutting toffee

    Marzipan is being dipped into chocolate:

    dipping chocolates

    And towards the end, the I Love Lucy style packing, which yields this:

     chocolate packaging

     Everything is as delicious as it looks. Yvonne preferred the milk chocolate, and I preferred the dark. My personal favorites are chocolate covered marzipan and chocolate covered pretzels. We both agreed that we wouldn’t say no to a chocolate Thanksgiving turkey. Tis the season. To be decadent.

    chocolate factory

    And I feel good about being decadent. I remember Michael Pollan saying in Food Rules that as long as we’re eating food that our grandparents’ generation recognized as food, we’re okay. Li-Lac’s recipes haven’t changed since they started.

    Li-Lac prides itself on tradition, and they are celebrating their 90th anniversary this Sunday, November 3rd at their Jane Street shop in Greenwich Village with 1923 prices. Come eat and be decadent!

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    The British Candies Are Coming, The British Candies Are Coming @LondonCandyCo

    If there’s one thing I know best, it’s candy. Give me a sticky, gooey, chewy mixed bag of candy over a hot dinner any day! So it was with great childlike excitement that I attended London Candy Company’s grand opening event in NYC’s West Village this week.

    It goes without saying that this place is chock full of British candy, and if you think all candy tastes the same, you’re wrong! Candy connoisseurs (I like to think I’m one) will know that there’s a huge difference in the taste, texture and overall yumminess of British sweets. From the smooth, velvety texture of the Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bars to the extra peanuty flavor of M&Ms—these candies are bound to knock your socks off and leave you craving more.


    The London Candy Company doesn’t just sell sweet munchies—this place also has a dedicated section of Brit groceries for ex-pats and adventurous foodies. I made a beeline for the Coco Pops (an adult childhood favorite) and the Ambrosia rice pudding, but there’s also the regular faves, such as Marmite, Heinz salad cream and Sarson’s malt vinegar. And “crisps,” loads of delicious crisps.

    Stop in to pick up sweets, groceries or even Brit-themed party favors, or swing by for a cuppa—this place has a full coffee bar, too. And what’s even better, everyone who works there is just as friendly as they are in Ye Olde London Town!

    The London Candy Company doors are open 7 days and located at 267 Bleecker Street, just a short walk from 7th Ave.