@LimeCrime Lips

Check out this Carousel Gloss by Lime Crime Cosmetics! In a fun twisted tube, highly pigmented Carousel Gloss allows for build-able lip coverage, ranging from a light, sheer tint to an opaque, full gloss. I have “Cherry On Top” a bright red for full, juicy lips!

I’m amazed at the coverage and long-wear  that I got from this lip gloss. It’s basically a “liquid lipstick”, and best of all, it doesn’t stain! Usually with red lip products, the color stains and leaves a sore-looking tint on your skin. With Lime Crime Carousel Gloss I was delighted with how easily I was able to correct any mistakes without a trace of color left behind. Of course, the bristled lip brush makes for easy lip-lining.

Lime Crime Carousel Gloss comes in 5 great lip colors, each at about $17. To shop online or see more of Lime Crime’s Cosmetics, visit their website!