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    Beauty Brand Spotlight: @LimeCrime

    One of my favorite social media case studies ever! ┬áThis indie brand has catapulted into the major leagues by the sheer force of social media. Started by Lolita Goth Blogger as a physical manifestation of her dreams of unicorns and sparkles. Meeting her at SpaceNK in New York and hearing her talk about how her dreams became reality was both inspiring and awesome. Her online fan base was more than ready for these products to launch that it was a no-brainer to get this beauty line off the ground. It’s not what’s natural, or even what looks best… It’s what feels right at the moment! – Doe Deere, Lime Crime…

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    @LimeCrime Lips

    Check out this Carousel Gloss by Lime Crime Cosmetics! In a fun twisted tube, highly pigmented Carousel Gloss allows for build-able lip coverage, ranging from a light, sheer tint to an opaque, full gloss. I have “Cherry On Top” a bright red for full, juicy lips! I’m amazed at the coverage and long-wear ┬áthat I got from this lip gloss. It’s basically a “liquid lipstick”, and best of all, it doesn’t stain! Usually with red lip products, the color stains and leaves a sore-looking tint on your skin. With Lime Crime Carousel Gloss I was delighted with how easily I was able to correct any mistakes without a trace of…