Fashion SCOOP NYC’s Fashion Week Kick-Off

I did something I never done before – I went to an event and just enjoyed myself.  Since the store was infiltrated with bloggers armed with Canons and Nikons – I took my time to talk and celebrate fashion with Tucked, Grungy and some new friends.  ScoopNYC is the lick!  I wore my 2BD necklace which was quite a hit and I brought my pal Jacob.

People are afraid of Jacob and Jacob is afraid of people. >_<

So here is how the txt messages went:

Y: Can I bring Jacob

J: Yeah I guess

Y: How is it

J: Picking up

So then I show up with my dog… and Justin is like… oh that’s Jacob?  Lol.. And then I went to go fetch 2 lime Belvedere gimlets

Super Long Tongue

One of the things that really stood out to me this week during Social Media seminars is what one of the panelists said: Well isn’t fashion just one big insecurity. That really got me thinking about the values people place on fashion and the spectrum goes from ‘matters a lot’ to ‘it doesnt matter’. Of course in a room of NY’s finest, everyone skews to the left – and everything matters a lot to them from head to toe. The one thing I really noticed what how nervous Jacob was. Usually dogs pick up the energy of those around him. If that was true, we were in a room with the best dressed anxious folks. Nevertheless, the party was a great turnout and the Belvedere drinks lubricated the conversations.

Blue Cheese Tomato Peppercorn thing

Girly Stuff – How cute! I want it

More lust worthy spring must haves


More photos here from Andrew Werner + Patrick McMullan + Stiletto On Sullivan

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