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    Fashion SCOOP NYC’s Fashion Week Kick-Off

    I did something I never done before – I went to an event and just enjoyed myself.  Since the store was infiltrated with bloggers armed with Canons and Nikons – I took my time to talk and celebrate fashion with Tucked, Grungy and some new friends.  ScoopNYC is the lick!  I wore my 2BD necklace which was quite a hit and I brought my pal Jacob.

    People are afraid of Jacob and Jacob is afraid of people. >_<

    So here is how the txt messages went:

    Y: Can I bring Jacob

    J: Yeah I guess

    Y: How is it

    J: Picking up

    So then I show up with my dog… and Justin is like… oh that’s Jacob?  Lol.. And then I went to go fetch 2 lime Belvedere gimlets

    Super Long Tongue

    One of the things that really stood out to me this week during Social Media seminars is what one of the panelists said: Well isn’t fashion just one big insecurity. That really got me thinking about the values people place on fashion and the spectrum goes from ‘matters a lot’ to ‘it doesnt matter’. Of course in a room of NY’s finest, everyone skews to the left – and everything matters a lot to them from head to toe. The one thing I really noticed what how nervous Jacob was. Usually dogs pick up the energy of those around him. If that was true, we were in a room with the best dressed anxious folks. Nevertheless, the party was a great turnout and the Belvedere drinks lubricated the conversations.

    Blue Cheese Tomato Peppercorn thing

    Girly Stuff – How cute! I want it

    More lust worthy spring must haves

    via MetroMix.com

    More photos here from Andrew Werner + Patrick McMullan + Stiletto On Sullivan

    Get the latest and greatest from ScoopNYC and happy Mercedes Benz Fashion Week!

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    (NY) ProKeds S/S11 Preview

    My girl Aisha is so super connected and I love her! She invited me to the ProKeds Preview party last night on 76 Orchard St and it was an evening of streetwear bloggers, fashion fanatics and everyone who wants to mingle amongst them. I went down with Joey and it was a delightful evening with fresh fly sneakers and boys who love them.
    Open bar of red + white wine, Red Stripe and TsingTao with a crowd to match! Jamaican beer and Chinese beer is always a recipe for a good time. There was also cod fish coquettes, jerk chicken wings and baby beef patties. Yum.

    Carrie Koscal of The Foundation (brand incubation + pr)
    um hi, i love your squirrel sweater
    cutest in charge! that’s how we roll!

    me and @kajeki

    Find out more about ProKed at www.keds.com
    PRO-Keds Sneakers – Since 1949. Shop Athletic Heritage & Royal Lifestyle canvas and leather shoes.

    Same event, different pov here: www.Joeyng.com and www.tuckedllc.com
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