Download this Game: Subway Surfer

I am sooooo addicted to this game. I play it everyday on my way to work and it makes my 40 min commute a breeze. The best part is when the real subway jerks and jolts and you feel like you are really in the game. I also love this game because Jake is so cute and I totally dig his skateboard.

The premise of this game is that Jake is spray painting graffiti onto subway trains and the guard sees him, blows the whistle and starts chasing him with a dog. By the way, the dog looks just like Jacob. I love him.

There are daily challenges, coin collecting magnet, super sneakers, hover board and even a super head start jet pack. Even though there are tons of characters you can download, my favorite is still Jake.  Great idea for a Halloween costume next year maybe!

You can download Subway Surfers By Kiloo here