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    Play Games with FunnyBoneToys

    Funnybone Toys – card Games, toys, and gifts for lovers of Good Design. Funnybone Toys was created as a specialty in the toy and game market: a true combination of form, function, and beautiful minimalist design. The launch of Funnybone Toys, based in Denver, CO, set out to create a US-based company that could mesh these elements together. “Funnybone Toys is a company that makes games to stimulate fun and creativity,” says President Julien Sharp. “We designed the games so that no matter the age, people can enjoy.” Recently, I have put in effort to get off the computer, iPad and phone and get outside. Doing fun things with friends is easy but getting…

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  • New York

    Download the Game: IconPopQuiz

    A month ago, I downloaded this game to see what I knew about Pop Culture. We had a bunch of friends over and over merlot and snacks, seeing how many characters you know is a great time. Characters from retro cartoons and symbols from current shows like Revenge. The premise of this game is that they give you an illustration that gives you a partial clue. You can also buy hints with your points. It can be a sentence that’s a hint or it can be a few letters towards the final answer. You will have leeway even you get one letter wrong in the spelling but it’s the correct…

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  • New York

    Download this Game: Letterpress

    Letterpress is a relatively new game that I found that I actually bought. I love the themes, colors and simplicity of this game. It helps if you have a good vocab and a love for word games.  I play with with Fatema all the time and I like to start multiple games and play about 8 games at the same time. It is really fun and challenges you to expand your mind and use more letters per word to get more points. The premise of this game is to create words. If you use the letters that the other player has used you convert the tiles to your color and…

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  • My Dog Jacob,  New York

    Download this Game: Subway Surfer

    I am sooooo addicted to this game. I play it everyday on my way to work and it makes my 40 min commute a breeze. The best part is when the real subway jerks and jolts and you feel like you are really in the game. I also love this game because Jake is so cute and I totally dig his skateboard. The premise of this game is that Jake is spray painting graffiti onto subway trains and the guard sees him, blows the whistle and starts chasing him with a dog. By the way, the dog looks just like Jacob. I love him. There are daily challenges, coin collecting…

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  • New York

    Download this Game: Dental Surgery

    I often browse the App store to see what is new and trending. I just found this game on the Top 30 list and had to download it. I have never liked going to the dentist and find most dental things gross. Who knew that scaling plaque or brushing someone’s teeth, adding fluoride to specific spots can actually be fun! First you have to look at the patient chart and see what they prefer, Novocaine or laughing gas – add the correct amounts and do all the dental procedures before the pain killers wear off. If you don’t file a tooth properly, it will crack and you will have to…

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  • New York,  WorldWide

    Play FURT @wiggitybang!

    Wiggity Bang Games is introducing their latest addition to their collection of award winning games, called FURT. As wacky as its name suggests, FURT is the hilariously quirky party game perfect for any light-hearted get together with family and friends. FURT is a befuzzling eruption of laughter in a box. It is a party game that defies logic and a reasonable explanation. You have to play to understand and when you do, you’ll laugh until your sides ache.   In this game players race to be the first INTO the mouth of a fiery volcano by completing actions from the six wacky-packed FURT categories. You might be making up outrageous…