Mighty Dog Toy: Lenny the Leopard

Jacob loves toys more than he loves treats! I was so happy when I was walking East Village and found this Mighty Dog toys for him.

They are tough toys made especially with big dogs in mind.  You should ask your local pet supply store for them by name. If you can’t find them you can always get them online here.  The store I was at had the Linus the Lion, Lenny the Leopard and Wilburr McPaw the Polar Bear. Jacob chose Lenny.

It’s so cute watching him play with the toy and pretend that it is his baby and carry it around when we go for walks. Right when I grab his leash to go outside, he runs to get Lenny to take him along. Adorable! As you can see, these toys are big for big dogs – the real chewers. But if you have a small dog that loves toys – they have a Jr collection for smaller mouths.


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Mighty Toy Construction: Durability is created for each toy with multiple layers of flexible materials. Compared to other toys, Mighty Dog Toys have no hard edges. The result is that these toys do not promote chewing – great when you’re trying to discourage chewing habits. These toys may seem plush on the outside, but all the durability features are internal making these toys soft, yet MIGHTY strong. These toys are machine washable (air dry) and float.