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    Woo with Bamboo @Gaiam dog bowls

    Pocky can’t wait to dig into tonight’s pre-dinner snack, served in her new green bamboo dog bowl by Gaiam.  But she knows the drill- first tricks, then treats.  “Sit!”  “Paw!”  “Lay down!”  “Roll over!”  “Good girl!”  OK, now for the toughest trick of all… The temptation to chow down is killing her.  What’s worse is that Momo can’t read- it clearly says “DOG” on the bowl. After patiently waiting, the time has come.  “Go ahead and eat, Pocky.  You’ve earned it!” Pocky’s bowl is by Gaiam, the creators of pet & earth-friendly pet products.  This one was made from recycled bamboo fiber and rice husk.  It’s lead and cadmium free,…

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    The Cool Puppy StyleGuide @Givebones @FrostyBowlz

    It’s Toronto and Tokyo Fashion Week right now and fashion is on everyone’s mind. Here are three easy ways to update your pet’s wardrobe before the Spring Equinox in a few days. 1.GiveBones – http://givebones.com/shop/ Givebones has the most adorable and colorful collars for a good cause and a good price. National charitable pet company Givebones helps decrease the number of homeless and euthanized pets in the United States each year. Purchasing just ONE Givebones collar saves THREE dogs by keeping them warm and fed in a shelter for one extra day, rescuing them from euthanization. Givebones gives back 10 percent of sales to shelters and rescue groups across the country.…

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    PetShoppe from @DuaneReade

    For our Canadian readers who are not familiar with Duane Reade, it is similar to Shoppers Drug Mart but in the US. They carry a ton of product from beauty, household, pharma and everyday needs. They also have a pet section!  They have great toys, accessories and even retractable leash (with poo bags!) and a flashlight. Our friends at Duane Reade sent us 4 products to test out and Jacob is more than thrilled! His favorite of course is the Pet Shoppe Ultra Durable Chew Ring Dog Toy. Can’t wait to use the retractable leash and the flashlight at night. You can see more http://www.walgreens.com which is a part of Duane…

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    Get Cozy @CanadaPooch Caribou Hoodie

    My motto is always CUTEST in CHARGE!  Guess who is in charge in our household? Jacob of course!  Our friends at Canada Pooch sent us the brand spanking new Cozy Caribou Hoodie and we are so in love! As the cooler weather approach, walking your dog everyday is still something we look forward to. But when we pull on scarves and sweaters, don’t forget about your 4-legged friend! Dogs can get colds too and especially if your dog is an indoor dog like Jacob – A sweater is 100% necessary. What I love about the Canada Pooch products is that they are so WELL MADE. Just by looking at these…

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  • My Dog Jacob,  New York

    Saturday with the @Supercollar

    The Supercollar has been featured on numerous design blogs and I just had to try it out. So this unseasonably sunny Saturday, we tested it out! Jacob was wearing the size M supercollar at the very last notch (i should have gotten large) and he got his croc and we were off to Washington Square Park! The collar it self has a retractable leash within and also 3M reflectors. It’s works well but because of his love for chasing pigeons and squirrels, I wouldn’t use this on him on regular city walks.  I would bring this only for when we go hiking or if we go to the beach.  I…

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  • My Dog Jacob,  New York


    I think I found the perfect doggy shoes for winter! After walking through the streets of NY winters, Jacob’s paws had to be soaked 4 times over and over to wash them. Have you guys tried PAWZ? *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*