Do you like it EXTRA long?

I’ve been noticing these extra long tank tops, and I’m totally digging them. Perfect for days when you just wanna chill, but still maintain that sexy. Throw on a pair of raybans, some cute flats or heels as some ladies like to relax in their stiletto’s), maybe a pair of leggings or biker shorts? and you’re set.
Can’t wait for summer.

The Perla tank by Cheap Monday

digging the white too!

The Let Go mesh tee by Evil Twin

YES Evil Twin! The back is my favourite part!

The Candace blouse by Cheap Monday. I heart it so.

The Perla tank in straw…okay get all three. Why not 🙂

If it’s gonna be long, it definitely has to be less fitted, that way it’s easier to work with, but that’s just ME 🙂

Just chillin…

You can have so much fun with these extra long tanks/blouses; wear it on it’s own or pair it with whatever your heart desires! What do you think? Do you like them extra long?

peace, love and health