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    Colorful Stationaries from YOOBI @YoobiGives

    What a great concept! Yoobi is a new colorful and vibrant school supply brand that makes learning fun while also giving back. Yoobi means “one for you. one for me”—for every Yoobi item you buy, a Yoobi item is donated to a classroom in need right here in the U.S. It’s that simple!

    Many kids in the U.S. don’t have access to basic school supplies, unless teachers pay for them out of their own pocket. We don’t think that’s right and we bet you don’t either!

    Yoobi believes that it should be a right, not a privilege, for every child in the U.S. to have creative and colorful tools for learning. Together we can make it happen.



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    Amazingly Cute Gifs from @Maison_kitsune

    Maison Kitsuné has created a series of playful GIFs with fashion filmmaker Loïc Prigent – an  “Etiquette GifGuide” for the new Women’s SS14 collection!


    So cute!grungeois

    Total Grungeois!


    Air Kiss Air Kiss


    Love this!


    Opps I do that -_-

    Loïc Prigent is a famed director and has created documentaries with top designers such as Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Karl Lagerfeld, amongst others. Prigent recently joined forces with Maison Kitsuné to film the FW13 presentation at Pitti W, and continues to work closely with the brand on creative projects.

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    Travel: I.D. Tags with Swagger @SwaggerTag

    PicsArt_1374267757872I received a set of SwaggerTag I.D. Tags recently, and they couldn’t have come at a better time, as I was travelling to Zambia the very next day! I wasn’t sure how they worked in the beginning, but once I figured them out, I was very pleased, and I love love love that they personalized my tags with the HeyDoYou logo! (Thank you!!)


    For those of you who don’t know what SwaggerTag I.D. Tags are, they are personalized and customizable I.D. tags that make identifying your belongings WAY EASIER. Whether it’s luggage, backpacks, dog(s), bicycle, guitar case, you name it; SwaggerTag I.D. Tags allow you to personalize and customize your tags according to your needs by adding your own photo, image, or logo, as well as your personal information such as your name, phone number, address etc, which can be hidden until opened.


    I didn’t know how they would hold up during my 24 hours of flying and 3 flight transfers, and to be honest I figured they’d be destroyed by the time I got off the plane, but I was pleasantly to surprised to see them intact and without a scratch! I need more of these for everything!!

    Some SwaggerTag features:

    • Strong, durable, water and weather resistant
    • Uniquely customizable with an image, photo or logo
    • Multi-purpose for travel, summer camp, back-to-school, everyday living.
    • Easily attaches to any gear
    • Manufactured using non-toxic, food-grade plastics



    Thank you to Karen from sharing her awesome creation with me!

    To learn more about SwaggerTags, to show them some love or to get yours ( They’re only $3.99 each) visit —->> www.swaggertag.com

    Have a lovely weekend!



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    Super Cute: Summer and Travel-Ready with LindsayPhillips @SwitchFlops

    20130605_155742I was thrilled to receive my Lindsay Phillips Liz Canvas Ballet Flats, and have been wearing them pretty much everyday since. They are perfect for travelling, totally necessary for staying cute during the hot summer months, they’re also super comfy and did I mention how cute they are???

    20130605_155802My favourite feature about these shoes is that they are so versatile. The embellishments on top of the shoe are interchangeable so I can go from fun and floral to festive in seconds without having to by new shoes. All I have to do is snap the embellishments off, and snap on lets say, the florals, clusters of baubles, or embellished ornaments depending on my mood, and I’m good to go! The snap-on feature also makes it easier to change my look from day to night or from work to a fun (troublesome lol) night out on the town.


     I love these!


    “Lindsay Phillips, a 26 year old entrepreneur and creator of SwitchFlops and SnapShoes, entered the business after her high school art project- a ceramic flip flop shoe- garnered an amazing response from locals in Lindsay’s home town.  Now Lindsay’s SwitchFlops and SnapShoes are carried in 2,500 stores in the USA, Europe, Australia and Japan.”
    20130702_092453I traveled recently, and decided to give these flats the true comfort test. My feet always swell when I fly, so no matter how comfortable the shoe is to begin with, I always end up with sore feet at the end of my trip, so I was curious to see how my Liz flats would hold up against 22 hours of flying… My verdict? They were perfect. It felt like I wasn’t even wearing shoes! Despite slightly swollen feet from flying, I arrived in style and with no pain or discomfort whatsoever. The Liz flat is a winner!

    You can check out more of Lindsay Phillips shoes on her website: www.lindsay-phillips.com

    Big thank you to Lindsay for allowing me to experience these super cute and super comfy shoes!


    ps: The Lindsay Phillips Liz Canvas Ballet Flat retails for $64 and the interchangeable embellished ornaments range from $9-$15.

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    Pop Up Shop @AliceandOlivia

    One of my favorite fashion lifestyle brands! I own their suitcase and totally am obsessed with their blog Fortheloveofblog.com. Can’t wait to see their new pop up store!

    alice and olivia Soho 2 Soho 3 Soho 4

    Now OPEN

    Who: alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet

    Where: 72 Greene Street, NYC

    Store Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am – 7pm and Sunday 12pm – 6pm