Almond Drink

During the holidays, my mom made an almond drink that was both refreshing and delicious…. I asked her for the recipe so here we go!
Purchase 1 pack of Sweet Almond from Chinese supermarket. There are 2 types of almond, “South (sweet)Almond ” and “North Almond “. South Almond is sweet while the North Almond is bitter with medication effect for coughing.
  • This is the label on the package Sweet Almond. It is about 180 g. Use half of it for one bowl.
  • Soak into of cold water about half an hour after washing.
  • Put water and almond into a blender or Magic Bullet.
  • It is about 1/2 full in the Magic Bullet.
  • Blend for 5 minutes.
  • It becomes milky colour with some bubbles.
  • Pour the almond juice into a pot (better non sticky) with the cheese cloth or sieve on top.
  • Prepare one Tablespoon of corn starch, and dissolve into 3 Tablespoon of water. 
  • Turn on the stove and cook until the almond juice boiling, lower the heat and simmer for 5 minutes
  • Put the corn starch into the almond juice bit by bit and keep on stirring the juice until it is thickened. (You can adjust the thickness by adding some more water if you like) Add some sugar (preferably rock sugar) if you like.
* The Sweet almond juice is good for your skin. You can use the residules of the sweet almond after blending, mix with some egg white as a natural face mask.

Thanks Mom!
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