The Wedding Show 2011- The Dress.

Gowns by Magdalena
Choosing the right dress is key in the wedding planning process. Bride-to-be’s are on a constant search for that perfect dress. Focusing on the fun and exciting aspects, instead of how stressful it might get will help finding your dress a lot easier… Just imagine how good you’ll feel and look when you find your perfect dress!
Bridesmaids can look forward to cute dresses as well!
Some tips on finding your dress:
♥ Set a realistic price range. Yes there are many beautiful expensive dresses out there, but there are even more gorgeous gowns that won’t do serious damage to your wallet. 
Just the right amount of poofiness!
♥ Try on a variety of dresses. It’s understandable to want to buy the first dress that looks good, but that’s probably just the excitement working… Have a few favorites then narrow them down to one.
I’m loving the blue!
♥ It’s suggested that a bride-to-be visit lots of bridal stores, but I suggest looking at independent designers as well. They are able to offer you beautiful gowns,  not to mention the added bonus of having a custom made one of a kind gown!
I love the bottom part! Ines di Santo
Oscar de la Renta gown from White Toronto
♥ Don’t set goals you can’t meet. For example, if you want to wear a strapless gown and have hopes of toning up your arms, shoulders or whatever gown by the big day; don’t get a a strapless gown. Do so only if you are willing to put in the work it takes to get sexy sculpted shoulders, arms, and whatever else before your wedding day.
Eco-couture collection by Adele Wechsler!
One of my faves! A rescued vintage gown that’s over 70 years old by Labl (It also has a twin!)

♥ Find a dress that will suit the type of wedding you are having. For example if you’re having a beach wedding, wearing a gown that is light, and breathable is a good idea.

Pretty dresses from Sash and Bustle
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Good luck in finding your perfect dress!
peace, love and health
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