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    Le Baby

    When I saw Gwen Stefani’s lil rock star baby in his mohawk, I couldn’t wait til my nephew got big enough!  Scott is finally 6 months and here is he, rocking Le Baby.

    Great at home or on the go, Le Baby Hair Gel & Detangler are must haves for every diaper bag. Whether headed to a play date, grandma’s house or birthday party, moms can create fun hairstyles and keep their kids groomed with a product they can feel good about. And while designed with kids in mind, Le Baby Hair Gel works on all hair types and is great for the whole family. Le Baby Detangler pinpoints hard to comb tangles and gently gets out those hard to get knots. Le Baby Inc. currently has a hypoallergenic styling gel without harsh chemicals. It was designed for kids and babies in mind.

    This is what my mom/Scott’s Grandma said about Le Baby Gel:

    This year, I was so blessed to have a beautiful grandson. My daughter and I are busily engaging in what should we get for the newborn among her professional friends. Besides the traditional necessary items, we are seeking some newly developed items. When I found out about this newly invented baby hair gel. Immediately I refused to put any chemical stuff on the baby’s hair. However, I found out that there is no chemical at all. We live in Edmonton, Alberta where situates the leeward side of the Rocky Mountain. That means our hair usually affected by the dry air and statics, same as our baby boy’s. After putting some of Le Baby Gel in the baby’s hair, his hair becomes much smoother.

    We took him to an important party last month. He put on his tuxedo, with the hair gel; he was the star in the party. I am so glad that we found this new product which makes life more stylish since babyhood. The attached pictures show how happy the baby is.

    Here is what you what to know…

    No harsh chemicals
    No parabens
    No sulfates
    Not tested on animals
    Thickens baby-fine hair
    Tames frizzies & fly-aways
    Softly holds curls
    Keeps hairstyles in place
    Never leaves hair stiff or sticky

    Find out more on http://www.facebook.com/pages/Le-Baby-Inc/

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    Reminder: Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day is May 8, 2011! Thanks to our friends at Agentry, here are some great gift ideas for mom.

    First we have Milk & Honey Shoes, a fashion shoe site where customers can design their own footwear. It’s a full “design your own fashion shoes site” from flats to stilettos. You can make over 3 million designs with the offerings of heel heights, fabrications (leather, satin, silk, snakeskin, vegan materials) and accents. The shoes are high-quality and priced between $200 to $350 depending on heel height, fabrications, embellishments, etc. Milk & Honey offers gift certificates through their website so mom can finally find the perfect pair of shoes designed by the person that knows exactly what she wants – herself!

    Tuleste Market jewelry and footwear present fun and playful collections of vintage-inspired pieces with modern sensibility. The designers are inspired by women of all ages and lifestyles and mostly by their love of making something old look not only new, but fresh and modern as well as accessible to all women. Harkening the heritage from the jewelry designs, the new footwear collection shares detailing such as metal plating and rosettes. Tuleste Market is a great way to buy mom a few fun statement pieces for her summer wardrobe that are contemporary and classic at the same time.

    There is no one like mom! <3

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    Almond Drink

    During the holidays, my mom made an almond drink that was both refreshing and delicious…. I asked her for the recipe so here we go!
    Purchase 1 pack of Sweet Almond from Chinese supermarket. There are 2 types of almond, “South (sweet)Almond ” and “North Almond “. South Almond is sweet while the North Almond is bitter with medication effect for coughing.
    • This is the label on the package Sweet Almond. It is about 180 g. Use half of it for one bowl.
    • Soak into of cold water about half an hour after washing.
    • Put water and almond into a blender or Magic Bullet.
    • It is about 1/2 full in the Magic Bullet.
    • Blend for 5 minutes.
    • It becomes milky colour with some bubbles.
    • Pour the almond juice into a pot (better non sticky) with the cheese cloth or sieve on top.
    • Prepare one Tablespoon of corn starch, and dissolve into 3 Tablespoon of water. 
    • Turn on the stove and cook until the almond juice boiling, lower the heat and simmer for 5 minutes
    • Put the corn starch into the almond juice bit by bit and keep on stirring the juice until it is thickened. (You can adjust the thickness by adding some more water if you like) Add some sugar (preferably rock sugar) if you like.
    * The Sweet almond juice is good for your skin. You can use the residules of the sweet almond after blending, mix with some egg white as a natural face mask.

    Thanks Mom!
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    Happy Birthday Mom!

    If you have been to any of my parties then you have surely met my mom!  She is where I get all my ‘swagg’ from and inspires a lot of my tweets and blog posts.  Strong, independent, creative, Gemini, emotional, jetset, beautiful and willing to fight for what she believes in.  

    Most of all, I want to say a big thank you to my mom for supporting me this year through my move to LA and to go back to school for my (3rd degree – OMFG right?) at FIDM.  Not only has she taught me to always go after what I want, she has also told me to raise the bar and always make ridiculously high standards for myself and those around me.  She is my strength, my inspiration and my mom.  
    I love you and happy birthday mom!

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    Happy Birthday Mom!

    Happy Birthday mom!  Thank you for being curious and optimistic every single day. I`m everything I am because you love me…

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