Tammy Fender Holistic Skin Care Solutions

I just tried two products from the Tammy Fender collection, which consist of holistic skin care and custom blended products.

The first sample I checked out is a Cleansing Milk Lavender & Fo-Ti. Putting it on was smooth and it’s a nice feeling to know that the product is made of healthy ingredients. One big reason I love this is the lavender, and then there’s Fo-Ti, which will detoxify and rejuvenate your skin to fight aging skin. There’s so much good stuff in this gentle cleanser!

I also tried Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil. This little beauty goes a long way. My skin tends to get dry, especially now that winter is creeping along. This product helps and the lavender smells great and is for sure – relaxing. After a long day at work, rubbing this oil on after showering feels a-ma-zing. And again, the ingredients are nothing but beneficial.

I’m not sure what some prefer but I like how the bottles have pumps as well. I want to also point out that the products are a bit on the high-end as you will tell from the prices but I do think it’s worth checking out.

These were ‘mini’ samples but the 2-3 times I got out of it, I loved.

Thank you, Tammy Fender! ‘Like’ on Facebook