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    The Secret to Radiant Skin: Algae!

    The changing seasons can do a number on your skin. The solution? Cyantific Skin Care. Many have been turning to this amazing skin care line for its gentle, yet powerful ingredients. With the power of unique algae, these products protect, hydrate and nourish… leaving your skin looking and feeling vibrant! The changing seasons can take a toll on your skin. Boost your beauty routine with blue-green algae to give you a healthy, glowing complexion! The blue-green algae used by Cyantific contain compounds that absorb skin-damaging UV light better than anything else known to exist in nature. Cyantific Skin Care harnesses the power of blue-green algae to create its proprietary PhycoBoost™…

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    Pure pearl powder is an ancient Chinese beauty secret that has been used for over 3,000 years for bright, lustrous and beautiful skin. Pearl powder is the “magic cure” for removing many unwanted skin conditions. This ancient formula is brought to you in the form of two age defying pearl products. What makes Tresor-Rare.com a product fit for royalty? The award winning pearl collection has wide ranging benefits which include: Environmental protection Stimulates natural anti-oxidant defenses Protects and detoxifies the cells Helps restore firmness and elasticity Boosts anti- radical and anti-oxidant defense systems, reinforcing skin resistance Instantly fills in lines and wrinkles Stimulates cellular activity and helps skin renewal The…

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    Big Night Out? Preen Yourself Presentable

    Via Flickr   We’ve all been there. You enjoy yourself a bit too much on a wild night out and start to regret it slightly when you wake up in the morning. You wouldn’t trade the fun for anything, but it might be nice to wake up feeling fresh as a daisy instead of like you’ve just taken an 18-hour flight. On top of not feeling too great, you don’t exactly look amazing, either. You’re still tired and you look a little pale, but you’ve got places to be. Maybe you even have to be at work. If you’re panicking, don’t worry too much. You can make yourself presentable, and…

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    Rejuvinate and Protect with Olie Skin Oil

    I would like to introduce you cuties to your new favorite skin-care product, Olie Biologique. Founded on the notion that radiant beauty can be attained naturally, Olie’s organic oils leave the skin feeling purely refreshed and equally luxurious. Perfect for men and woman of all ages, Olie Biologique contains a blend of oils to refresh, repair and protect skin. Vitamin E is used to accelerate skin repair and effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while antioxidants and Omega-3s fight against free-radicals and help protect skin from sun damage and environmental pollutant damage. Containing 40x more Omega-3s than Argan oil, Olie Biologique is a fantastic product to include in…

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    No Need for Needles

    With the pressure to always look at least ten years younger, going under the knife has started to seem like a necessity rather than our worst nightmare. Fend off the needles a little longer with the help with Key West Aloe’s Collection. Infused with Aloe Vera, this sunburn solvent has the power to help skin absorb up to four times more moisture and create a smoother complexion where wrinkles appear. With the help of Vitamins A-E, this anti-aging miracle will turn back the hands of time. KWA Skin Matrix Fight signs of aging and boost collagen with 80% Aloe Vera and papaya. The age defying gel strengthens, tones and firms…

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    Soothe Your Skin & Soul with Eucalyptus

    Last Wednesday, March 23 was National Eucalyptus Day! Eucalyptus oil is used for aromatherapy as the inhalation of the oil relaxes the body, by rubbing onto skin the oil relaxes sore muscles and also improves the health of hair. The ingredient can also treat irritated skin and wounds. Rejuvenate your skin with The Healing Garden’s Eucalyptus & Mint line body lotion, body mist, soy candle and Epsom salt scrub. Soothe senses and unwind from stress with Dr. Teal’s Eucalyptus & Spearmint Salt Soaking Solution. Alleviate tension in the body by turning an ordinary bath into a spa by including Dr. Teal’s Eucalyptus & Spearmint foaming bath. If a quick shower…

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