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    Auro Skincare launches first-of-its-kind G Antioxidant Revitalization Serum

    Los Angeles, CA – (August 15th, 2022): Auro Skincare releases a groundbreaking serum, marking a revolutionary shift in modern skincare. Powered by the master antioxidant, Glutathione, the G Antioxidant Revitalization Serum transforms and strengthens skin, dramatically improving the look of both early and advanced signs of aging.
    Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant and works naturally in skin to detoxify free radicals and combat oxidative damage. As skin is exposed to numerous toxins daily, Glutathione works to keep skin balanced and healthy. As we age, our skin’s Glutathione levels deplete, causing early signs of aging and other various skin concerns. The G Antioxidant Serum provides skin with the nutrients it needs to balance the oxidative damage, ultimately boosting your skin’s ability to combat common skin concerns and leaving skin looking and feeling smooth and healthy.
    The innovative G Serum works by offering a high-potency concentration of Glutathione that is absorbed through the skin using patented, first-of-its-kind Auro GSH™ technology. Before now, it has not been possible to deliver Glutathione to skin efficiently and effectively. Today, using this new technology, the serum transports the antioxidant to the inner layers of your skin in a way that is absorbable for maximum benefits.
    “Auro Skincare is in a league of its own—harnessing the power of Glutathione to fight environmental stressors—the very things that cause the skin to age,” says Dr. Nayan Patel, PharmD, author of The Glutathione Revolution and Founder of Auro Wellness and Auro Skincare. “As we age and Glutathione levels decrease, we can do things to increase them—from diet and exercise and supplements to topical skincare. The difference with Auro Skincare is the delivery system powered by sub-nano technology that we have developed that has the unique ability to penetrate the skin like never before.”
    Not only does the G Antioxidant Revitalization Serum transform the way skin looks on the outside, but it actually strengthens the skin’s ability to defend itself against oxidative stress and environmental factors that cause premature signs of aging. Alongside the power of GSH™ technology and Glutathione, ingredients such as radish root, honeysuckle, and Aspen bark extracts provide additional vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties. These natural ingredients work together to further reduce wrinkles and fine lines and even out skin tone and texture.
    Building off the incredible success of Auro Wellness’ patented antioxidant spray Glutaryl and Glutaryl+, G Serum is uniquely designed to penetrate layers of skin for tangible results that last, setting a new standard for modern skincare.
    Auro Skincare’s protocol of ultra-potent formulas transform skin from within, delivering Glutathione and other antioxidants in a deeper, more potent way than ever before for maximum results. To find out more and purchase Auro Skincare, visit www.auroskincare.com
    About Auro
    Dr. Nayan Patel founded Auro in 2011 with a mission: To reduce the long-term impact of stress on the body. He has created a solution that treats the symptoms of stress and works with the body on a cellular level.  Discovering the benefits of Glutathione, Patel has stabilized this powerful ingredient, improved absorption, and increased its effectiveness, making it more accessible to those who need it. Combining revolutionary elements, cutting-edge patented sub-nano absorption technology, and a clear system to healthy living, Auro works to support your body every day, healing from within.
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    The Secret to Radiant Skin: Algae!

    The changing seasons can do a number on your skin. The solution? Cyantific Skin Care. Many have been turning to this amazing skin care line for its gentle, yet powerful ingredients. With the power of unique algae, these products protect, hydrate and nourish… leaving your skin looking and feeling vibrant!

    The changing seasons can take a toll on your skin. Boost your beauty routine with blue-green algae to give you a healthy, glowing complexion! The blue-green algae used by Cyantific contain compounds that absorb skin-damaging UV light better than anything else known to exist in nature.

    Cyantific Skin Care harnesses the power of blue-green algae to create its proprietary PhycoBoost™ formula, a targeted blue-green algae extract that contains amino acids, moisture-retaining carbohydrates and powerful antioxidants. Other gentle, yet powerful ingredients derived from nature are added to nourish, protect and hydrate your skin, making it look better today and protecting it for a better tomorrow.


    Cyantific’s Powerful Line-Up:

    Protecting Daily Lotion: SPF 30+ lotion protects against aging UVA and damaging UVB rays. Niacinamide and murumuru palm reduce inflammation, fight off free radicals and soothe and moisturize for clearer, more radiant, and noticeably younger skin.

    Nourishing Daily Serum: Ginger root extract, niacinamide and PhycoBoost™ join together in this oil-free serum to tone, tighten and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

    Hydrating Night Cream: Smooth on this luxurious night cream before bed and you’ll awaken to radiant, more youthful looking skin. PhycoBoost™ combined with crambe abyssinica seed oil hydrate and pamper your complexion while you sleep.

    Complete Anti-Aging Package: This complete set gives you the benefits of all three powerhouse products to nourish, protect and hydrate your skin.

    Cyantific Skin Care isn’t just good for your skin, it’s good for the planet. Unlike most algae ingredients, PhycoBoos™ is made through an environmentally-friendly process without solvents or other harmful chemicals and our products are never tested on animals. Blue-green algae, the core of Cyantific’s products, are sustainably collected from the beautiful lakes of the Pacific Northwest. It’s time to give your skin serious sun protection, while making you look and feel remarkable.

    I recommend the Complete Anti-Aging Package.

    It could be a great skincare set for treating yourself

    and also could be a perfect gift for your mom, sister, besties….

    The set includes:

    Hydrating Night Cream

    This luxurious night cream not only delivers immediate moisture, but also it contains PhycoBoost™, an all-natural extract of blue-green algae with unique amino acids, moisture-retaining carbohydrates, powerful antioxidants, and the ability to protect DNA from damage. Infused with crambe abyssinica seed oil to reduce dehydration while you sleep, allowing you to awaken with a radiant and more youthful complexion. Use with Nourishing Daily Serum for maximum results.

    Nourishing Daily Serum

    This oil-free serum immediately tones and tightens skin, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our unique formula contains PhycoBoost™, an all-natural extract of blue-green algae with rare amino acids, moisture-retaining carbohydrates, powerful antioxidants, and the ability to protect DNA from damage. Also infused with ginger root extract and niacinamide, making it the perfect solution to boost the natural immunity of your skin. Use before applying Cyantific’s™ Protecting Daily Lotion SPF 30+ and Hydrating Night Cream.

    Protecting Daily Lotion

    This 30+ SPF lotion protects against aging UVA and damaging UVB rays with PhycoBoost™, an all-natural extract of blue-green algae which protects DNA from damage. Filled with anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidizing, and moisturizing ingredients, niacinamide and murumuru palm, this lotion will leave skin looking clearer, more radiant, and noticeably younger with daily use. Apply after Nourishing Daily Serum.

    About Cyantific Skin Care:

    Co-Founder & Microbiologist, Stephanie A. Smith, Ph.D., spent much of her career studying algae and admits she discovered the potential skin benefits of blue-green algae almost by accident. She parlayed her findings into Cyantific Skin Care to make the kind of products she’d want to use herself. Smith says her skin care line has made a difference in the look, feel and overall health of her own skin. She’s thrilled to know other people are enjoying the benefits as well.

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    Pure pearl powder is an ancient Chinese beauty secret that has been used for over 3,000 years for bright, lustrous and beautiful skin. Pearl powder is the “magic cure” for removing many unwanted skin conditions. This ancient formula is brought to you in the form of two age defying pearl products.

    What makes Tresor-Rare.com a product fit for royalty? The award winning pearl collection has wide ranging benefits which include:

    • Environmental protection
    • Stimulates natural anti-oxidant defenses
    • Protects and detoxifies the cells
    • Helps restore firmness and elasticity
    • Boosts anti- radical and anti-oxidant defense systems, reinforcing skin resistance
    • Instantly fills in lines and wrinkles
    • Stimulates cellular activity and helps skin renewal

    The Ultimate Pearl Incredible benefits are achieved due to a treasure chest. A complex skin potion mixture of advanced active ingredients sourced and developed through intensive research by the Tresor Rare research center.   

    Ultimate Pearl Facial Peel

    A definitive facial peeling gel which assists brightening, cleansing, detoxifying and conditioning the skin, generating a softer, fresher and brighter looking complexion. This mild formula includes a unique combination of ingredients to methodically and comfortably eliminate dead skin cells, surplus oil and residues hence leaving the skin feeling smooth and soft, resulting to a new healthy glow.

    Application(Use this facial peel up to twice weekly in the evening.) Apply a small amount of the peeling gel onto dry skin. Using the tips of your fingers rub the gel into the face in small circular movements until you see a water-like basis. At that point, leave the mask on your face for 2-5 minutes. Remove by gently rubbing off, in the same circular motion (A tad more aggressively) getting the peeling effect. Keep rubbing until the mask has completely flaked off.  Keep away from rubbing onto the eye contour area. Rinse off any remaining residue using lukewarm water or a toner.

    2.04 oz

    Price: $399.00

    Ultimate Pearl Protecting and Defending Cream

    A beautiful and remarkably soft skin cream that includes a unique combination of ingredients to assist in defending, protect, depollute and nourishing the skin. This decisive formula comfortably and thoroughly treats the skin, thus enhancing a luxuriously comfortable and supple feel.

    Application(Use this moisturizer twice daily.) Apply cream onto a freshly cleansed face. Take an adequate amount of the cream and dab it on your face in all regions. Rub gently into the skin. The cream helps offer all day protection against all elements and moisturizes the top layers of the skin.

    2.04 oz

    Price: $399.00

    About the company

    Tresor Rare is not just another luxury perfume and beauty brand, it’s a philosophy, a statement and a state of mind, to be worn with pride to show the world you’ve arrived.

    Trésor Rare, French for “Rare Treasure” is composed of the refining effectiveness of gemstones, exfoliating diamond dust and the smoothing properties of deep water pearls all meticulously mixed with plant stem cells, liposomes, phospholipids and selected minerals sourced from around the world to form superb skin potions to form one of the rarest skincare in the world. Laboratory manufactured with Swiss expertise under health department license exclusively for Tresor Rare.

    The Trésor Rare elite team of skin-care experts have pushed for over 7 years to set a new standard in superb, age-defying skin care products with one aim in mind: restoring skin to its most youthful appearance. The Tresor Rare line of products was selected as a finalist in the HBA (Health Beauty America) Skin Care Prestige Category for 2015.

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    Big Night Out? Preen Yourself Presentable

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    We’ve all been there. You enjoy yourself a bit too much on a wild night out and start to regret it slightly when you wake up in the morning. You wouldn’t trade the fun for anything, but it might be nice to wake up feeling fresh as a daisy instead of like you’ve just taken an 18-hour flight. On top of not feeling too great, you don’t exactly look amazing, either. You’re still tired and you look a little pale, but you’ve got places to be. Maybe you even have to be at work. If you’re panicking, don’t worry too much. You can make yourself presentable, and no one will be able to tell what you got up to last night.


    Start with a Shower


    Before you do anything, get in the shower. Or if you have time, take a relaxing bath. The warm water will loosen your muscles and help you to start feeling a bit more human. You’re probably a little sweaty from the night before too, and you certainly don’t want to leave the house smelling of sweat, smoke, or anything else unpleasant. If you’ve got a headache, give your scalp a little massage when you wash your hair, and it should help you let go of some tension. If you need to wake up a bit faster, try a cold blast from the shower.

    Via Wikimedia


    Curing Your Hangover


    Helping yourself to feel better will help you look better too. You won’t have such a miserable expression on your face or find yourself wincing through the day. If you’re smart and well-prepared, you might have taken one of a number of available hangover helpers the night before. They’re meant to stop you getting a hangover in the first place. But if you haven’t taken one, everyone has their favorite hangover cures. From sugary drinks to fried breakfasts and healthy smoothies, you’re sure to have something that will help you feel better. Make sure you have plenty to drink and try to eat something too.


    Via Pixabay


    Dealing with Tired Eyes


    Your eyes can give you away if you wake up feeling worse for wear. Even if you haven’t been drinking, when you’re tired, your eyes can really show it. If you can get them looking a little more normal, you’ll look and feel better. First, deal with any puffiness using your preferred method. It might be cold spoons, teabags, or a fancy beauty product. Bloodshot eyes don’t look great either, but some eye drops can help to soothe them. And, of course, doing your eye makeup will hide all manner of sins.


    Get Glowing


    If you’re looking a little sallow after a night out, it’s easy to fix. Start by moisturizing so your skin is smooth and hydrated. You’ll look much more fresh-faced once your skin is looking a little healthier. Next, you can apply some foundation, perhaps some bronzer, and an illuminator. Give your skin a brighter look so you appear more radiant than you feel.


    You can turn a good night out into a good morning if you take the right steps. You’ll be looking and feeling better in no time.

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    Rejuvinate and Protect with Olie Skin Oil

    I would like to introduce you cuties to your new favorite skin-care product, Olie Biologique.

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    Founded on the notion that radiant beauty can be attained naturally, Olie’s organic oils leave the skin feeling purely refreshed and equally luxurious. Perfect for men and woman of all ages, Olie Biologique contains a blend of oils to refresh, repair and protect skin. Vitamin E is used to accelerate skin repair and effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while antioxidants and Omega-3s fight against free-radicals and help protect skin from sun damage and environmental pollutant damage. Containing 40x more Omega-3s than Argan oil, Olie Biologique is a fantastic product to include in your daily skin care regime.

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    With our skin being so sensitive and being affected by small things such as a poor diet, weather changes, or not enough water, it’s great to have an oil that can give you the nutrients to keep your skin healthy.

    Below you will find direct links to Olie and information on how to change your skin regime for the better.



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    No Need for Needles

    With the pressure to always look at least ten years younger, going under the knife has started to seem like a necessity rather than our worst nightmare.


    Fend off the needles a little longer with the help with Key West Aloe’s Collection.

    Scan 178Infused with Aloe Vera, this sunburn solvent has the power to help skin absorb up to four times more moisture and create a smoother complexion where wrinkles appear. With the help of Vitamins A-E, this anti-aging miracle will turn back the hands of time.


    KWA Skin Matrix
    Fight signs of aging and boost collagen with 80% Aloe Vera and papaya. The age defying gel strengthens, tones and firms while rebuilding skin structure and soothing sensitive skin.

    Price: $48 via online www.keywestaloe.com


    KWA Eye Matrix
    Reduce fine lines around the eyes with the power of aloe and cucumber. Firm and strengthen this delicate area and soothe sensitive skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

    Price: $43 via online www.keywestaloe.com


    KWA Optimal Results
    Restore moisture and improve skin texture with the super-hydrating formula. Feel the repairing efforts of grape seed oil and aloe vera bringing skin back to its luminous feel.

    Price: $48 via online www.keywestaloe.com


    KWA Solution
    This nighttime recovery serum is made with 60% Aloe Vera and alpha & beta hydroxyl acids to aid oily skin. The Solution stimulates cellular renewal to reveal younger looking skin.

    Price: $48 via online www.keywestaloe.com

    Reverse sun damage, wrinkles and crow’s feet with Key West Aloe’s age defying products!