Ayce Kavale

Ayce Kavale is a new and emerging artist on the rise. He is also my lil brother!

The 19-year old Rapper, Producer, Writer and recently turned Actor has been writing his music since the age of 5 (YES 5!). I remember it like it was yesterday, him writing and rapping his rhymes..lol! The most memorable song from his childhood is “Lil DJ” it was the cutest little song. It was very catchy with good rhymes. That song is still in my head until this very day, like most of his recent songs. Now look at him, I’m glad to see your still doing what you love to do.

He has also added acting to his resume as well (following in my footsteps, of course). He was seen last summer performing in “Diss” a play that shows the worst-case scenarios from being involved in gangs. What can I say, we come from a family of talented performers.

My advice to you lil brother (and others) from one artist to the next. Perseverance is the key to making progress towards your
goals/dreams. Keep doing you and never forget who you are as an artist.

Take a look at his first video release. Look At Me

If you like what you hear, he will be performing at
** Notorious J.A.M **
Suba Lounge
292 College Street
Thursday August 19Th 10pm-3am
Tickets $15 Advance & $20 @ Door

Check out his mix-tape

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