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Google to remove older Versions of Apps on April 3

Google has announced that it is shutting down older versions of many of its G Suite apps. Older versions of Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Sheets, and Google Slides will no longer work on smartphones starting April 3.

Google has updated its Suite Blog to list out all the old versions that are shutting down for Android and iOS devices. Google will push out notifications to force old version users to update to newer versions, starting March 1. The list is listed below as to what will be removed following April 3:

Google Drive for Android (prior to version 2.4.311)
Google Docs for Android (prior to version 1.6.292)
Google Sheets for Android (prior to version 1.6.292)
Google Slides for Android (prior to version 1.6.292)

Google Drive for iOS (prior to version 4.16)
Google Docs for iOS (prior to version 1.2016.12204)
Google Sheets for iOS (prior to version 1.2016.12208)
Google Slides for iOS (prior to version 1.2016.12203)


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Chic Sketch

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone in your life? Chic Sketch mobile app can create a personalized hand-sketched illustration of you and BAE or you and your BFF! Chic Sketch, a fashion illustration app, converts users’ fave photos into custom, Instagrammable sketches. The company also launched a new line of accessories for those who are smart enough to plan ahead: The Chic Case and The Chic FrameThe sketch costs $9.99, but users can enter the code VALENTINES10 (active now through 2/14/2017) for 10% off a sketch. 

The Chic Case

Designed for iPhone 6, 6Plus, 7 and 7Plus.

The Chic Frame

Available in two sizes, 4 by 6 inches and 5 by 7 inches.
$44.99 for 4 x6 or $49.99 for 5 x 7 frame

Take photos get rewards! Meet Thumble app

Introducing the new kid in town. Thumble app rewards you for taking photos. You get badges and prizes for using the app and taking photos you normally would. What kind of prizes this kid promises? Early access to events and collections; special dishes from Chefs; after hour shopping; and even get a personal shopper during your next store visit.

Download this on your iPhone from the app store and let me know what you think of it.


Collage Iphone 5 Photo Iphone4S Photo Iphone4S Profile Iphone4S Rewards and Badges


Written by Sharky LiuFounder of and Blogger for Fashion Style Blog.


Life Lessons from Playing Candy Crush Saga

If one game can be both addictive, colorful, challenging and awesome – it becomes an instant world wide sensation.

I am one of the 3 million who got bitten by the Candy Crush Saga bug. When you spend hours with this candy-esque puzzle game, you dream of it and think of it all the time. Look at all the FANdemonium this game can spawned!

Here are 10 life lessons I realized while spending hours playing this game:

1. It doesn’t matter how close you are, you are not done til you are done
2. Unexpected combinations can lead to unexpected results
3. Be patient because the next best thing is just one move away
4. Give lives, receive lives and take a break
5. There are lots of way to skin a cat clear the jelly
6. Something that looks easy may not always be
7. Speed matters more than strategy sometimes
8. A multi can’t always save the day
9. Money can help you (fish, bombs, moves) but you don’t need it if you got experience and skills
10. Don’t get sidetracked by easy moves, keep your eye on the prize and objective always


Download the Game: IconPopQuiz

A month ago, I downloaded this game to see what I knew about Pop Culture. We had a bunch of friends over and over merlot and snacks, seeing how many characters you know is a great time. Characters from retro cartoons and symbols from current shows like Revenge.

The premise of this game is that they give you an illustration that gives you a partial clue. You can also buy hints with your points. It can be a sentence that’s a hint or it can be a few letters towards the final answer. You will have leeway even you get one letter wrong in the spelling but it’s the correct answer.

I really loves this for the holidays. If you play this on your iPad it is sure to be a full family affair of fun!

You can download Icon Pop Quiz by Alegrium here


Download this Game: Letterpress

Letterpress is a relatively new game that I found that I actually bought. I love the themes, colors and simplicity of this game. It helps if you have a good vocab and a love for word games.  I play with with Fatema all the time and I like to start multiple games and play about 8 games at the same time.

It is really fun and challenges you to expand your mind and use more letters per word to get more points. The premise of this game is to create words. If you use the letters that the other player has used you convert the tiles to your color and get more points.

So fun!

You can get Letterpress By atebits here