The @Puma x RIME Gold Sky Wedge @RIME_NYC

Greetings from your favorite party crasher!


So let’s just jump right in to it, last Friday there was an official Sneaker release party for Puma that went down in Brooklyn’s own Rime NYC! The party was for Puma’s new golden wedge sneaker for all the ladies out there, and I must say they are a really beautiful sneaker.


The party was great, the music was perfect and everybody was partying and having a good time. They even had a table where you can get your nails done for the ladies of course. Excellent event I must say oh and I can’t forget the free drinks all night!

image-3 image-1

Our good friends over at Rime NYC have been in the lab with Puma creating absolute golden perfection.  The colorway says it all: Gold Foil and Vanilla.  Absolutely delicious design, the Puma x Rime Women’s Sky Wedge Lux combines classic luxury and athletic styles.  The golden foil leather is met perfectly with a gum sole.  Look closely at the inner workings of the shoe, and you will see a creamy vanilla zig-zag pattern (via

PUMA x Rime Luxe Sky WedgeUntil next time, Your favorite party crasher, RegularQuis.