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    Kickerstart this: Sneakerlife Series

    A docu-series providing an inside look into the world of sneaker design and the phenomenon of sneaker culture.

    About this project

    We are producing THE SNEAKER LIFE, a 22-minute, 10-episode series that examines the world of sneakers through a design-based lens. Our pilot episode, if funded, will launch the series.

    The series will focus on the current state of “Sneaker-ness” while paying homage to 25+ years of sneaker history with interviews and insights from experts in sneaker culture– from athletes, musicians and influencers to sneaker designers, enthusiasts, and “Sneakerologists.”

    The show will delve into 5 main categories exploring: Luxury and High End Fashion • Sport and Function, Sneaker Culture • The Business of Sneakers • The Future of Sneaker Design • Sneaker Design Schools.

    We will dive deep into this unique world hitting the road for interviews in epicenters of sneaker culture such as LA, NY, Portland, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Chicago, Detroit, Jersey City, Boston, Philadelphia and Toronto. Each episode will be will be shot in a loose docu-series style and have a fun and energetic tone.

    Meet the team

    Hi, I’m Cary, entrepreneur, veteran of the media and entertainment space, and creator of this original series. Together with an extremely committed and talented team, we are setting out to produce this series and other original content for a new digital video network.

    Cary Grant
    Cary Grant

    Vaitari Anderson, a NY-based video producer and sneaker collector who has worked with MTV, Vevo, Evoke TV, and more, will produce the show.

    Vaitari Anderson
    Vaitari Anderson

    FUSE music television network host and sneaker aficionado, Esteban Serrano, will serve as host for the series.

    Esteban Serrano
    Esteban Serrano

    How you can help

    “THE SNEAKER LIFE” is a labor of love from passionate sneaker fans who want to dedicate a series around the culture and influence of sneakers. We need your help to produce our pilot episode and launch the series. Your contributions will go directly toward the production, editing, and distribution costs for the show.

    While there have been a number of original shows, segments and documentaries about sneaker culture, we see an ongoing story to tell about the profound influence sneakers have had on popular culture and support the community of insanely creative artists who design sneakers. We invite you to join us as we lift the veil and explore the concept of sneakers and design in the interesting and exotic world of “Sneaker-ness.”

    Help us get the word out!

    We would start shooting in August and anticipate that production would take about 8 weeks. If our pilot is funded, we’d then work to get more episodes produced.

     Some of our rewards

    Sample t-shirt. Exact design being finalized.
    Sample t-shirt. Exact design being finalized.
    Custom kicks by Alexander John (Examples of his artistry.)
    Custom kicks by Alexander John (Examples of his artistry.)
    Option 1-Limited number of shirts signed by Hip-Hop Legend Chuck D of Public Enemy, a featured interview in The Sneaker Life.
    Option 1-Limited number of shirts signed by Hip-Hop Legend Chuck D of Public Enemy, a featured interview in The Sneaker Life.
    Option 2 - Limited number of shirts signed by Hip Hop Legend Chuck D of Public Enemy, a featured interview in The Sneaker Life.
    Option 2 – Limited number of shirts signed by Hip Hop Legend Chuck D of Public Enemy, a featured interview in The Sneaker Life.

    Risks and challenges

    Producing a video series comes with inherent risks and challenges. Even the best-laid plans can be met with unforeseen circumstances and costs. However, our team of entertainment industry professionals, has the utmost confidence that we can make The Sneaker Life a reality, with your support.

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    The @Puma x RIME Gold Sky Wedge @RIME_NYC

    Greetings from your favorite party crasher!


    So let’s just jump right in to it, last Friday there was an official Sneaker release party for Puma that went down in Brooklyn’s own Rime NYC! The party was for Puma’s new golden wedge sneaker for all the ladies out there, and I must say they are a really beautiful sneaker.


    The party was great, the music was perfect and everybody was partying and having a good time. They even had a table where you can get your nails done for the ladies of course. Excellent event I must say oh and I can’t forget the free drinks all night!

    image-3 image-1

    Our good friends over at Rime NYC have been in the lab with Puma creating absolute golden perfection.  The colorway says it all: Gold Foil and Vanilla.  Absolutely delicious design, the Puma x Rime Women’s Sky Wedge Lux combines classic luxury and athletic styles.  The golden foil leather is met perfectly with a gum sole.  Look closely at the inner workings of the shoe, and you will see a creamy vanilla zig-zag pattern (via http://extrabutterny.com)

    PUMA x Rime Luxe Sky WedgeUntil next time, Your favorite party crasher, RegularQuis.

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    I Need to Go Shopping @theQcamera @aglit_Italy @Fludwatches

    On that Red and Black

    Jane Norman vest shirt, $8.10 / VILA clothing, $48 / Red shoes, $220 / Alexander Wang leather handbag, $1,215 / Sydney Evan cuff bracelet / Miss Selfridge hat / Flud Watches The Exchange Watch With Interchangeable Bands in Red / Hourglass Cosmetics lip gloss, $34 / Balenciaga fragrance
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    Designer Tarik Starway Baker
    TWITTER / IG : @aglit_italy @lacelife_aglititaly

    WEBSITE:  www.aglititaly.com



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    Fashion Week Winning Style @Aglit_Italy

    This fashion week has been all about the understated cool more than the over the top outlandish (Thank G!)

    Here is a cool on brand this season who is perfect for shoe lovers, fashionistas, sneakerheads and trendsetters.

    Aglit Italy!

    aglit_italy1 aglit_italyThis premium-handcraftedin the US  accessory has the streets talking and Instagram buzzing with anticipation for none other than genuine Aglit Italy lambskin leather laces.Aglit Italy is the world’s first luxury leather lace company designed for Sneaker Heads internationally.
    Aglit Italy is rewriting fashion history by creating a bridge between the experimental bloggers of today to OG sneaker heads who respect the heritage of true passion for sneakers. These laces elevate the sneaker experience by injecting it with sophistication and elegance, formerly reserved only for high fashion footwear.
    Now the question is what color laces and which sneaker do you lace up first?