Hot Cocktails from @Rekorderlig Cider

After a full week of cold and polar vortex, what can be more appropriate than a hot winter cocktail recipe?

Check this out – the Rekorderlig Pear, a fourth generation Swedish cider that just launched stateside. It’s delightfully crisp and balanced on its own when served chilled, but the Winter Fire cocktail is a careful blend that yields a perfectly complex hot drink. If you are not familiar with ciders like Strongbow or cider drinks, you are really in for a treat! They can also be poured with Guinness to create a cool Black and Tan drink.

(pic via Pinterest)

Winter Fire
250ml  Rekorderlig Pear
5-6  thin slices of Ginger
20ml  lime juice
30ml  Honey water (3 parts honey 1 part hot water) or squeeze tube honey
3  dashes Angostura bitter
Heat it up and serve, keep the ginger floating in the glass.