Spice it up with @TheChiliLab

One of the many perks of living in New York City are the incredible food options. The Mexicue food truck has been making rounds in the city for quite a while now, serving up a delicious fusion of Mexican and barbecue. The folks at Mexicue have recently expanded their footprint by opening a brick and mortar store in Manhattan, and now co-founder Thomas Kelly has created a brand new spice line of pepper-infused essential salts and oils called The Chili Lab.

“Where would we be without salt?” –James Beard

I’ve been dabbling with the Pequin Chili Salt, adding it to many dishes from scrambled eggs to salads to cast iron grilled steaks.  The flavors brought out from Pequin are a light smoke and citrus.  It’s very unique to get such rich flavors from one spice, but The Chili Lab delivers.  For fans of heat and flavor, such as myself, I’ll be continuing to experiment with these salts.

Other salts include Piri Piri (herb and citrus from Africa), Chipotle (red berry smoke), Cascabel (seasonal pumpkin and nut), Aji Amarillo (Seasonal light berry fruit), Dandicut (Citrus and fruit), Habanero (Seasonal floral and fruit), Pasilla (Raisin and wood), Guajillo (Smoke and tomato from Mexico).  That’s a total of nine flavors to help bring new flavors out of your favorite dishes.

The Chili Lab salts are available online and at select gourmet grocers in Brooklyn and Manhattan.  http://thechililab.com/