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    Oreo Beignet: The Best Winter Comfort Food

    Yesterday, my friend Emma and I went to an art show of Chinese Watercolor Paintings. After hearing the speakers talking about Taoism for one hour, I became more focused on the drink in my hand, and Emma seemed confused and turned her head to look at me. ” He is talking about the balance between the universe and the individuals, honey. ”  I explained to her. Emma then nodded her head and insisted on finishing listening to the whole speech.

    After the show, Emma asked me, do you want to continue our Asian night or taste something American. I said let us make tonight simpler by heavy Western food, please! Emma giggled, and promised to take me to a “super great” American restaurant ” that you can see in sex and the city”.

    So here we were in a restaurant in midtown called as ” cafeteria“, which offers amped-up comfort food, but also come with a fancy vibe in a hip Chelsea setting. We ordered the typical set of American comfort food: Cocktail, Burger and Truffle Fries. All of them are fabulous in look and taste. Until I took a break to the bathroom, and everything finished was taken by the waiter, with only a plain table and Emma there.

    ” Are we going to have our check?” I asked. “Nono, not the moment. ” Emma said, ” Do you want to have some dessert?”

    I insisted on order one ” Citrus and fruit”  dish at first but also doubted whether I should take pumpkin pie. ” You are going to have pumpkin on Thanksgiving anyway and I don’t like citrus, ” Emma said, and then we both agreed on try one dish we have not tasted before.

    The Fried Oreo Beignet, 4 Pieces, with Mint Icecream and two real mint leaves by the side.

    At first, when you looked at the dish, it was just like 4 fried doughs with a spoon of vanilla ice cream by side. And then, when the “dough” is spared by hand, you would find it does not just look as simple as its appearance.

    WechatIMG1050    WechatIMG1051

    The corner-malt-shop-level thickness made by mashed oreo inside has closely mixed with the fried part outside, and the taste is being mixed by warm temperature from the pastry inside the fried appearance. And else, there was a thin layer of cream inside oreo part, which give the dryness a little moisture.

    But this is not the most amazing part. Add one more thing.

    When you put the mint ice cream on the top and eat them together, you can feel the chillness of icecream drop down on your tongue, made the oily nature of fried flavor a little more fresh, clean, and led to more aftertastes.

    What a Wonderful, comfy winter night! Highly recommend this restaurant.


    About Cafeteria:

    119 Seventh Avenue, at 17th Street. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

    See the review here:



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    New Organic Tomatoes from Pacific Foods Capture Bold Backyard Flavor in BPA-Free Cartons

    One of the most frequently used pantry staples, canned tomatoes, is getting a dramatic upgrade from Pacific Foods this month. The family-owned company is

    introducing five Organic Tomato varieties packaged in BPA-free cartons. It’s promising flavor so good home cooks will notice the difference and think twice about the tomatoes they use both for fresh applications – like bruschetta and salsa – and amazing sauces, stews, soups and more.

    “Most people think all packaged tomatoes are the same but it’s simply not true,” said Kimberly Nieves, brand manager at Pacific Foods. “Thoughtful ingredient selection and cooking method can noticeably elevate the flavor of packaged tomatoes, even when cooked into recipes. At Pacific, we start with the most flavorful variety then treat it with care to bring out the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, natural texture and rich color.”

    Not Your Garden Variety Tomatoes

    Pacific’s simple recipe features Roma variety tomatoes, preferred by home canners for their full flavor and meatiness. Gentle steam peeling removes skins without the use of lye, while a “flasheat” preservation process reduces cook time by 90 percent compared to canned varieties. Authentic flavor, texture and nutrition are sealed in with no chemicals, additives or anything artificial.

    “Our tomatoes live up to the same standards for quality as all of our other cooking staples like broth, stock and beans,” added Nieves. “We use as few ingredients as possible, making sure each one has a purpose to let the true flavor shine through. One bite of our tomatoes and you’ll taste the difference.”

    Pacific’s Organic Tomato varieties include Diced; Strained; Crushed; Crushed with Onion, Garlic & Basil and Tomato Sauce. Naturally free of GMOs and gluten-free, they’re packaged in BPA-free, shelf-stable cartons and available now at natural food stores and conventional grocers nationwide (SRP $3.99-$4.99 for 26.46 oz.).


    About Pacific Foods

    Founded in 1987 in Tualatin, Ore., Pacific Foods is dedicated to sourcing simple ingredients cultivated through sustainable practices, making products that nourish, and increasing access to healthy, wholesome foods. It offers a wide variety of organic products, including flavorful soups, sauces, broths and stocks, as well as the broadest range of non-dairy beverages and a growing collection of dips, meals and sides. Pacific’s delicious, nutritious foods are inspired by traditional recipes made convenient for busy, health-conscious consumers. The company’s products are sold throughout the U.S. and Canada in mainstream grocery and natural food stores. For more information, visit www.pacificfoods.com.

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    Attn Baltimore: &pizza is Coming to Federal Hill

    Dear Baltimore residents and visitors,

    This Thursday, May 26th, is your lucky day! &pizza, the unconventional collection of local pizza shops known in the D.C. area for their craft pizza, housemade soda, and ampersand tattooed employees, is proud to announce it will open its first Baltimore location in Federal Hill at 1201 South Charles Street.


    In light of this joyous occasion, &pizza will offer free pies for all on opening day! The first five guests to request the shop’s signature ampersand tattoo will receive a complimentary one at the nearby Brightside Tattoo Shop, and free pizza for a year (one pizza/week for 52 weeks) once they receive it.

    Expect nothing but the best in both food and experience. Beginning with the Baltimore location, &pizza will become the first to serve desserts from Milk Bar, the world renowned bakery founded by James Beard Outstanding Pastry Chef award-winner Christina Tosi and Momofuku’s David Chang in 2012. &pizza will also feature an ampersand painted on the white brick wall, paying homage to their first DC shop which has a large ampersand painted on the white brick wall.

    unnamed-1unnamed-2&pizza now has 15 shops in DC, Maryland, and Virginia–and is revered throughout the region as a brand that stands for more than just fresh pizza. Guests have the opportunity to craft their own individual pie or choose from seven signature pizzas, each one with their own unique flavor profile. The pizza shop uses fresh ingredients and works with local producers for its signature and seasonal menu of pizzas, snacks, craft sodas, and artisanal teas.


    •  Seven signature pizzas
    • Two dessert pizzas
    • Milk Bar cookies
    • Six craft sodas
    • Three teas

    Baltimore visitors will be the first to taste &pizza’s new core menu which includes two new signature pies and elevated ingredients.

    New pies include:

    • The Pineapple Jack, a take on a Hawaiian pizza with salami, pineapple, and Cherry Bomb BBQ.
    • The Salad Pizza, a whole new category of pizza with cucumber, tomatoes, pickled red onion and ranch.

    Guest favorites include the Farmer’s Daughter, a spicy sausage pizza topped with spinach and local farm eggs over easy; the Gnarlic, which incorporates garlic ricotta and garlic sauce with pesto; and the top seller, the Maverick, which includes pepperoni, Italian sausage, and salami.

    Be sure to stop by and grab a pie this Thursday, May 26th, 2016 at 1201 South Charles Street! Snap a picture of your delicious slice using the hashtag #andpizzabaltimore for a chance to win free &pizza gear and be featured on HeyDoYou!

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    Local Eats with @CollegeStreetBar


    We recently attended a cocktail reception to celebrate the new menu of local legend, College Street Bar. The “gastronomic experience” was created by local legends in the food and beverage industry, featuring comfort foods created by Executive Chef Joe Friday and Dan Gunam, with hand-crafted cocktails created by two of Canada’s top mixology experts, Gavin MacMillan and Michael Birdsey.

    Thank you for inviting us!


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    NYC Tasting Event March 25 – @VillageVoice @ChoiceEats

    Foodies (and lushes), it’s that time again… The Village Voice Choice Eats tasting event is taking place March 25, 2014!

    I’ve been a fan of  Choice Eats for years now and each year it keeps getting better! Imagine this: 80+ restaurants under one roof, plus complimentary beer garden and wine and liquor pairings, all for one price. I’ve always loved Village Voice’s tasting events for a few reasons: amazing food, great venue, music and a great crowd. Even in the years I’ve gone solo, there are always awesome people (all in jovial spirits, of course) to chop it up with, literally!

    This year I’ll be back to cover it and I wanted to make sure to get the word out about this not to be missed event. VIP tickets are sold out, but you can still purchase general admission tickets for $60 online or $70 at the door. This event is always sold out, so I would strongly suggest pre-purchasing unless you want to risk missing out.

    A plus is that while you’re stuffing your face, you’ll be supporting a great cause: Slow Food NYC, the New York City chapter of Slow Food, a non-profit, member-supported organization founded in 1989 to counteract the culture of fast food.


    The Village Voice’s Seventh Annual Choice Eats
    Tuesday March 25, 2014 6:00 – 10:00pm
    Basketball City @ Pier 36 (299 South Street, New York, NY)

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    Spice it up with @TheChiliLab

    One of the many perks of living in New York City are the incredible food options. The Mexicue food truck has been making rounds in the city for quite a while now, serving up a delicious fusion of Mexican and barbecue. The folks at Mexicue have recently expanded their footprint by opening a brick and mortar store in Manhattan, and now co-founder Thomas Kelly has created a brand new spice line of pepper-infused essential salts and oils called The Chili Lab.

    “Where would we be without salt?” –James Beard

    I’ve been dabbling with the Pequin Chili Salt, adding it to many dishes from scrambled eggs to salads to cast iron grilled steaks.  The flavors brought out from Pequin are a light smoke and citrus.  It’s very unique to get such rich flavors from one spice, but The Chili Lab delivers.  For fans of heat and flavor, such as myself, I’ll be continuing to experiment with these salts.

    Other salts include Piri Piri (herb and citrus from Africa), Chipotle (red berry smoke), Cascabel (seasonal pumpkin and nut), Aji Amarillo (Seasonal light berry fruit), Dandicut (Citrus and fruit), Habanero (Seasonal floral and fruit), Pasilla (Raisin and wood), Guajillo (Smoke and tomato from Mexico).  That’s a total of nine flavors to help bring new flavors out of your favorite dishes.

    The Chili Lab salts are available online and at select gourmet grocers in Brooklyn and Manhattan.  http://thechililab.com/