Meeting Sister Souljah

“We love her, we have been loving her!”

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you know that I have been sending out Tweets about Midnight and the Meaning of Love non-stop.  Amazing book and Sister Souljah is the truth.  The reason the story is so intriguing to me is because of the cross cultural references, interracial love, multi city adventures and dynamic personalities and strong women in every shape and sense.

Sister Souljah from heydoyou on Vimeo.

I use to think I was young Winter Santiaga, now I know im Chaisa Hiyoku Brown….  I also spectulate that Midnight is a Libra (such a level headed guy), Chaisa a Gemini (so vivacious) and Akemi a Pisces (such a dreamer) but that’s just me.   Here is Souljah and her team.

I took the train across the ways to Newark Public Library to listen to Sister Souljah talk and do her book signing.  She is gracious, sparkling and exactly how I imagined. I was so happy to be there and see a room filled with people who also love and read Sister Souljah.  The gift of storytelling. Amazing.  Here is what some of her fans has to say.

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