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    Homemade dinner for your dog? It may sound outrageous at first, but if processed foods are bad for humans, why would they be any better for man’s best friend? We want to feed our families as healthfully as possible, and that should include Fido, too.  You guys know that I cook for Jacob so this is a really exciting cook book I’m ready to to use! When Henrietta Morrison’s border terrier, Lily, developed chronic health problems, Morrison started cooking her real food at the suggestion of her vet. Meals made from real ingredients like chicken, rice, and vegetables had an instant effect on Lily’s health and demeanor. Inspired by her…

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    The No Excuses Guide to Success

    Back to school in just a few days and before you get inundated with coursework and required reading, enjoy the practice advice from Mr Energy (Jim Smith Jr) in the No Excuses Guide to Success. This book has gives you valuable lessons no matter what life throws at you!  One of the most important take away from this guide is to live with urgency and purpose. Find out more and win a copy of this book by sharing what that means to you in the comment box below.

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    Meeting Sister Souljah

    “We love her, we have been loving her!” For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you know that I have been sending out Tweets about Midnight and the Meaning of Love non-stop.  Amazing book and Sister Souljah is the truth.  The reason the story is so intriguing to me is because of the cross cultural references, interracial love, multi city adventures and dynamic personalities and strong women in every shape and sense. Sister Souljah from heydoyou on Vimeo. I use to think I was young Winter Santiaga, now I know im Chaisa Hiyoku Brown….  I also spectulate that Midnight is a Libra (such a level headed guy), Chaisa…

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    Get Passionate: 2010

    Happy 2010 everyone! I am going to start each new year with a book recommendation. For 2009, everyone got Tribal – for 2010, get Passionate! I am a true believer in universal signs, kinetic energy and discovering your true passion. This past year has been a fantastic personal journey towards finding out my life’s purpose and what I am truly good at. Here is a break down… 2009 in review Jan:  I had the opportunity to hear Richard Branson speak during Ad Week. He inspired me to not fear the recession but to see it as “the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurship and time for companies that are slacking to be weeded…

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    December Giveaway!

    Win a signed original copy of Confessions of a Beauty Addict by Nadine Haobsh by leaving a comment! What is your must have, can’t live without beauty products (list all!) – Winner will be announced Dec 31st. Dont forget your email address!