Homemade dinner for your dog? It may sound outrageous at first, but if processed foods are bad for humans, why would they be any better for man’s best friend? We want to feed our families as healthfully as possible, and that should include Fido, too.  You guys know that I cook for Jacob so this is a really exciting cook book I’m ready to to use!dinnerfor dogs
When Henrietta Morrison’s border terrier, Lily, developed chronic health problems, Morrison started cooking her real food at the suggestion of her vet. Meals made from real ingredients like chicken, rice, and vegetables had an instant effect on Lily’s health and demeanor. Inspired by her experience, Morrison founded Lily’s Kitchen, the UK’s #1 organic pet food company, dedicated to providing dogs with the same quality of food dog owners feed themselves. As Morrison says, “If it’s not good enough for me, it’s not good enough for Lily.” Now, to help dog owners everywhere improve and prolong their pets’ lives and avoid vet visits, Morrison shares her most popular recipes in DINNER FOR DOGS: 50 Home-Cooked Recipes for a Happy, Healthy Dog
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