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    30 Day Countdown for the New @SouljahBooks Finally!

    If you have been holding your breath like me, waiting for Sister Souljah’s next book, get excited!  In 2006, I read The Coldest Winter Ever along with all my friends and feel head over heels. Never had a book taken me on a journey the way this story had. Now, 7 years later, the sequel is finally out. The Coldest Winter has so many juicy details packed into the 500 pages is enough to make a television series. Can’t wait to see what Sister Souljah has in store for us in this book. A Deeper Love Inside: The Porsche Santiaga Story will be released Jan 29. THE SEQUEL MILLIONS OF READERS…

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    Sister Souljah x Jada Pinkett Smith

    Sister Souljah, the New York Times bestselling author of The Coldest Winter Ever and Midnight will appear live in an exclusive Livestream interview on Saturday, April 30 at 4:50pm PST/7:50 pm EST as part of the Atria Literary Salon Series.  The interview, moderated by actress Jada Pinkett Smith, will be part of the Los Angeles Times Book Festival and held in Los Angeles on the LA Times Stage, to celebrate the release of Souljah’s latest novel Midnight and The Meaning Of Love, a story about young, deep love, the ways in which people across the world express their love, and the lengths that they will go to have it. The…

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    Meeting Sister Souljah

    “We love her, we have been loving her!” For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you know that I have been sending out Tweets about Midnight and the Meaning of Love non-stop.  Amazing book and Sister Souljah is the truth.  The reason the story is so intriguing to me is because of the cross cultural references, interracial love, multi city adventures and dynamic personalities and strong women in every shape and sense. Sister Souljah from heydoyou on Vimeo. I use to think I was young Winter Santiaga, now I know im Chaisa Hiyoku Brown….  I also spectulate that Midnight is a Libra (such a level headed guy), Chaisa…

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    Sister Souljah

     “So many women wanted him to be real. They knew nothing, absolutely nothing about him, but they were in love with him,” OH MY EFFING GOD IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! buy it here  *update*So 13 hours later, I emerge a changed person. Sister Souljah first novel The Coldest Winter Ever shook me to the core and shaped a lot of my developing tastes from the age of 16 to 24. Her new book Midnight has once again become one of the most influential books I have read. On so many levels, Sister Souljah has made me examine my own life, my choices, beliefs, values and most important my views on life,…