Customize your Beauty Box using

Trade unwanted beauty samples with other users to create your perfect beauty box!

Imagine being able to pick and choose from thousands of beauty samples to create your own customized beauty box., an online community dedicated to swapping beauty samples, has made it easy to do just that. Simply trade the samples you’re uninterested in when you receive your monthly beauty box and hang onto the ones you can’t wait to try.

In fact, many users are trading three or more products at once, effectively customizing their beauty boxes by tapping into someone else’s stash. Whether you’re a beauty maven who subscribes to a dozen boxes or the girl that subscribes to one tried-and-true box, makes it easy for you to get more value out of the beauty boxes you love so much.

A few unique custom beauty boxes based on products that are currently posted on can be found below.

Why not pull together essentials for an “Attention Grabbing Nails” Box?

How about creating a “Spring Break Essentials” Box for your next vacation?

About eDivv launched in 2014 and was created by Casey Casterline and Jon Katz. It was the first online community created exclusively for users to swap beauty samples. As an avid subscriber to many beauty subscription boxes, Casey was frequently frustrated when she received products that she wasn’t interested in. In response, Casey and Jon went on a mission to develop a platform that would bring users together to effectively facilitate the trading of beauty samples in a fun and effortless way.

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