The Easiest Whitening System @Opalescence GO

I have been using the Opalescence Go whitening trays the last month. I used 6 of them every other day and it has really improved the whiteness of my teeth!  They are easy to fit on to your teeth and has a slight mint taste. The UltraFit tray adapts to your teeth and the 15% peroxide gel takes about 15-20 mins per wear. It is also pre-filled and can be used right out of the packaging. The 10% peroxide gel comes in Melon, Peach and Mint flavor and you can wear it for 30-60 mins.

IMG_6246 IMG_6247 IMG_6248 IMG_6249

The first two times, I had to spit 8 mins in between. I am really happy with the level of whitening and how gradual it is. You can stop once your teeth matches the whiteness of your eyes!

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