Hidden Gems in Norway

When you think of exotic locations, does Norway come to mind?  Since I am planing my May getaway, I have been doing a lot of research on unconventional vacation locations, what I can do there and what is unique about that place. I did some digging on Norway and found these interesting gems. Have you ever been to Norway?


The water of Norway is pure, beautifying and now in a bottle. Maya Water is the premium facial water mist from Norway’s finest. With travel size and regular size and 4 different types of nutrient infusion, you have to add this into your everyday beauty routine. I keep one by the computer, one by my bed and one in the purse.


Restorsea is a beauty line that uses Norwegian Salmon enzymes as a key anti-aging ingredient in their prestige skincare line. The founder of Restorsea discovered this national treasure when she took note of the salmon worker’s hands that looked remarkably young.


Pic via www.jetsetta.com Burtigard, Gudbrandsjuvet, Norway

Us New Yorkers crave a square of grass and breath of fresh air. In Norway, there is plenty of space to build modern homes, enjoy the scenery and really feel like you are part of nature without being totally crammed. The serenity of Norway is really picturesque to say the least.


If you are ever sick of the outdoors, there is a great Norwegian Slot Site on norskespilleautomater.com that you can test your luck. This slot site is easy to use and you can start with some free spins.

If you have been to Norway, I’d love to hear from you about your adventures!