Posts Written On May 21, 2014

@ObeyClothing Fall/Winter 2014 Preview


Up until recently I’ve always thought that Obey Clothing was just menswear, and was pleasantly surprised when I attended the Obey Fall/Winter 2014 Media Preview and found that they have an extensive offering of womenswear. If it hadn’t been for my phone dying right when I got to the event, I would have flooded the world of social media with loads of Instagram pics and tweets of all the awesome pieces that were on display! Floral jackets and duffle bags, the softest (and cutest) tees and crop tops, printed shift dresses and drop crotch pants and of course classic Obey hoodies, crew necks, and accessories. I even found myself lusting after several pieces in the mens collection!

Check out some of my favourite pieces from the Fall/Winter 2014 collection.

IMG_3588IMG_3486 IMG_3597IMG_3603 IMG_3478IMG_3606

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Check out #ComeClean Dirty Dog Shampoo Bar!

Check out the ROSE GERANIUM All Natural Dirty Dog Shampoo Bar for tick prevention!

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If you take your dog outdoors this summer, tick prevention should be high on your list. Lyme disease is carried by ticks and they are deadly to dogs. Use the shampoo regularly to help you dog stay healthy this summer!

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