Event LOVE: #CoolNordic2014 Style Workshop


I was recently invited to an interactive cultural showcase with the latest in Nordic architecture, cuisine, design and style. 30 prominent Nordic brands within the food, fashion and lifestyle areas partnered up with the Nordic Trade Organizations, the Nordic Embassies and the Nordic Council of Ministers to host an unforgettable event for Torontonians.


My favourite part of the event (outside of hanging out with my favourite bloggers, and trying out some delicious Nordic cuisine) was the style workshop with Martin Munch “the denim junkie”; who gave us a thorough background of how he got into the fashion and design industry, as well as denim design. We also got to see a presentation of upcoming Nordic trends from fashion expert Sofia Hedstrom. I got to meet Mona Elisabeth Brother, the Ambassador of Norway; super sweet lady, and she was rocking a cute chunky bracelet from a European designer. In fact, majority of the guests in attendance were rocking clothing and jewellery by European designers!

IMG_3095 IMG_3109 IMG_3123 IMG_3141

IMG_3155 IMG_3158 IMG_3175 IMG_3178

Check out more lovely pictures from this awesome event!

IMG_3071 IMG_3072 IMG_3073 IMG_3074 IMG_3075 IMG_3077 IMG_3078 IMG_3082 IMG_3083 IMG_3084 IMG_3085 IMG_3087 IMG_3089 IMG_3090 IMG_3091 IMG_3092 IMG_3093 IMG_3094 IMG_3095 IMG_3097 IMG_3098 IMG_3099 IMG_3100 IMG_3101 IMG_3102 IMG_3106 IMG_3108 IMG_3109 IMG_3111 IMG_3112 IMG_3115 IMG_3117 IMG_3119 IMG_3120 IMG_3121 IMG_3122 IMG_3125 IMG_3126 IMG_3128 IMG_3129 IMG_3130 IMG_3133 IMG_3134 IMG_3136 IMG_3137 IMG_3139 IMG_3140 IMG_3141 IMG_3143 IMG_3144 IMG_3145 IMG_3147 IMG_3148 IMG_3150 IMG_3152 IMG_3153 IMG_3155 IMG_3159 IMG_3160 IMG_3161 IMG_3162 IMG_3163 IMG_3166 IMG_3168 IMG_3169 IMG_3172 IMG_3174 IMG_3175 IMG_3177 IMG_3178 IMG_3181 IMG_3182 IMG_3185 IMG_3186 IMG_3189 IMG_3191 IMG_3195

Thank you for inviting me, I had an awesome time!