@iSkin Solo Smart for iPad & earTones for iPhone


If you are like me and burn through a few pair of headphones a year due to heavy use then you may want to try the earTones from iSkin.  They are quite durable and very light.  The volume is just high enough that you will not accidentally blow your ear drums with a volume slip and the sound is very clear.  For those who love a nice balanced sound these headphones do the trick!  They also have a mic to allow you to take calls or turn on your music without using the interface of your phone.

iSkin also has an amazing iPad cover called the Solo Smart that I have been using and really love it.  It is durable enough to not be totally shocked if you accidentally drop your iPad.  You have to respect any type of iPad “Man Down” situations as a cracked screen is always going to bring a bummer cloud to your day.  This protector is very secure and the rubber helps your hand keep a solid grip so it does not slip.  The Solo Smart case also allows you to put any type of cover you have on the iPad and stops it clicking off of the magnet.  I love that as I tend to always pull my covers off on accident.  This case has been one of the best cases that I have put on my iPad thus far and I have put on quite a few cases in the past 3 years!

photo 2

iSkin products are always high quality and you get your money’s worth because they last. I would recommend both of these items to anyone looking for new iPhone headphones or an iPad case.

To check these items out head to www.iSkin.com