Stay Sweat Proof in The Thompson Tee

Summer is here and if you have to wear shirts, go to weddings, work or live with the blissful amazing sun, you need this shirt. It is made in America and has amazing technology that will change your wardrobe drastically!
The Thompson Tee™—a specialized undershirt developed by the William Thompson Co., LLC, to protect shirts from sweat marks— will help consumers stay cool and beat the heat this summer. The innovatively designed sweat-proof undershirt expertly blends the company’s proprietary Hydro-Shield™ sweat-proof technology and 100% ultra-soft premium lightweight cotton to produce a clinical-grade sweat-proof material that guarantees unparalleled underarm protection in a comfortable and inconspicuous way.
A brief overview of some additional features includes:
•                    Hypoallergenic and includes an Anti-Microbial to block odors
•                    100% Premium ring spun, combed, preshrunk, ultra soft, lightweight cotton exclusively created for the Thompson Tee
•                    Tagless for additional comfort
•                    Made in the USA with American materials in a specially designed, Eco friendly textile
•                    Available in crewneck, V-neck and deep V-neck styles for men and scoop-neck for women
The Thompson Tee™—a specialized undershirt developed by the William Thompson Co., LLC, to protect shirts from sweat marks— will help consumers stay cool and beat the heat this summer. For many, warm weather used to mean being embarrassed by excessive sweat showing through and staining clothing. That was, until the Thompson Tee hit the market. Made with the company’s proprietary Hydro-Shield™ sweat-proof integrated technology, the Thompson Tee was designed to protect outer garments such as shirts and blouses from sweat marks and stains. As summertime approaches and the sun’s temperatures begin to rise, the Thompson Tee’s sweat fighting properties will keep summer cool for everyone.
                “We’re gratified by the extraordinary success of our product,” says Billy Thompson, innovator of the made-in-the-USA Thompson Tee and president of the William Thompson Co. “Word has gotten out that the Thompson Tee provides an affordable, comfortable and stylish option to prevent sweat marks and stains, especially during the challenging summer months.”
Made in the USA, the Thompson Tee’s patent-pending design combines ultra-soft, lightweight, premium cotton with a clinical-grade, ultra-thin, waterproof material to completely block underarm sweat from passing through, while still allowing body heat and moisture to escape. Made with antibacterial, odor-fighting and hypoallergenic materials, the Thompson Tee is the only undershirt on the market that provides a truly integrated sweat-proof underarm barrier. Each tee is machine washable, dryer-safe and environmentally friendly.
The Thompson Tee has already earned a reputation for quality and its unique, innovative design. The company pays careful attention to details like its tagless, lay-flat collars — a small, yet important piece of the garment that provides extra comfort around the neckline in hot weather. Especially popular is the women’s Thompson Tee, introduced last year, which features added length, a fitted shape and scoop neckline for extra style. Sales of these sweat-proof undershirts have continued to grow significantly as consumers prepare for a cool and comfortable summer.
The specialized undershirt has secured national media attention from major broadcast outlets such as The Doctors syndicated talk show and San Diego’sABC 10 News. For more information, visit
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ABOUT WILLIAM THOMPSON CO., LLC: The William Thompson Co., LLC, is a manufacturer of specialty undergarments, including the Thompson Tee. Created to provide an affordable and effective solution for men and women concerned with problems caused by underarm sweat, the Thompson Tee’s proprietary design combines the style and comfort of high-quality undershirts with Hydro-Shield sweat-proof technology to form the most advanced underarm barrier available. For more information, please visit