Keep Your Timepiece Looking Brand Spanking New: Tips and Tricks

When we’ve got a new watch on our wrist, the world just seems a whole lot brighter. It goes without saying that you want to keep your new timepiece looking as new as possible for as long as possible. Nobody likes a scratched, worn out looking watch! In order to keep your timepiece looking brand spanking new, use the following tips and tricks as a guide:

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Don’t Wear it in The Pool or Gym Although some watches are designed to be worn in the pool/gym as well as every day, that doesn’t mean you have to. The gym can be dangerous, what with all of the heavy weights and machines. Your watch will be a scratch just waiting to happen! The pool can contain chemicals, which as you can imagine is not good for the finish of your watch. Depending on the make and quality, the finish could change colour or go dull. It’s up to you if you’d like to risk it, but taking it off before these activities will keep it looking brand new.


Take it for a Buffing Every so often, take your watch to be buffed by a professional jeweler. They can buff out any nasty little scratches, and greatly reduce the appearance. Of course your watch will get scratches from daily wear, but you can reduce them if you take them to be buffed every so often.


Change the Strap Sometimes, the strap is just beyond repair because of the amount you’ve worn the watch. Don’t panic! You can simply change the strap with a variety of watch bands. In many cases, this will help the watch to look brand new – and sometimes it’ll even make it look totally different. You could have the look of a new watch for a much cheaper price!


Get it Serviced Regularly A watch needs a good service from time to time. Just as you go to the dentist for a check up, your watch needs a service to make sure everything is running as it should be. If there are any problems cropping up, they can be fixed before they’ve even really begun. This shouldn’t cost you too much money and will ensure your watch is running at an optimal level.


Keep it Safe When Not in Use If you’re not wearing your watch, you should leave it on the side where dust and other things can get to it. You shouldn’t leave it in a jewelry box either, as other items can scratch the watch. It’s best if you put the watch in the box it came in, or better yet, in a watch box. If you have a watch box, you can display all of your watches together without worrying about them getting scratched. Great for the avid watch collector! A new looking watch looks great with all kinds of outfits – like the outfits in this post.


Now you can look after your timepiece and keep it looking amazing for longer. Thanks for reading!

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