The Ultimate Flat Iron Guide: Achieve Salon Perfect Hair Every Day

Dull, lifeless hair? Forget about it. If you want to make sure that your crowning glory remains just that, you need an amazing straightener in your beauty arsenal. There is more to life than fabulous hair, but it is a good place to start. No woman in the world wants to have a bad hair day. When you have an awesome straightener at your disposal, bad hair days are a thing of the past.

The most common complaints from women, the world over, is having dull hair. Older styles of hair straighteners have seen women with limp, lifeless hair. What is more, our hair has been prone to frizz and flyaway hairs. This is the beauty bane of our life.

So, with this in mind, how would you like to possess a flat iron that does not give you these bad hair days? Let’s take a look at what is currently on the market.

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Hair Textures

We women have different kinds of hair. Curly, wavy or relatively straight, we are all different. But for those with wild curly locks, the thought of straightening your hair can leave you cold. Curly is notoriously difficult to straighten and keep in a healthy condition. One of the remarkable things about ionic and ceramic straighteners is that they can help curly haired women. The hair remains hydrated, and the natural oils that our hair needs are locked in. This is a great advantage for many people.


What Hair Straighteners Are Best For Me?

For those with reasonably straight hair, you should use a glass or titanium plated flat iron. This will not damage the hair follicles and ensure that you have glorious locks. These heat up quickly and efficiently. The titanium technology will glide through your hair causing minimum damage to the ends.

Women that have wavy, thick hair should opt for ceramic style straighteners. The ceramic nature will make sure that your hair is not pulled or snagged. If your hair is thick, other straighteners may pull your hair from the root. Ceramic coated straighteners will slide through your hair. This will reduce any damage to your locks.

Frizzy hair is usually at the behest of flat irons. An ionic flat iron will keep your hair healthy and strong, even with hot temperatures. This is downright revolutionary when it comes to hair care. Many of us try to give our hair a day off from heated products. Ionic technology is revolutionising hair care. Due to the innovative technology of the straightener, the hair follicles are treated with ions. This treats your hair to a smoothing technique that is usually only found in salons. Take a look at the Paul Mitchell flat iron for more information on this technology.


What Other Products Can Help My Hair?

Aside from wonderful flat irons, there are a wealth of products that are dedicated to fabulous hair. This means that you can purchase brushes, combs and spray solution. Use a heat solution spray prior to straightening. This will minimise damage to your crowning glory. A sea-salt spray is good for hair that needs texture. Utilise a serum to keep your smooth and sleek. All of these products will help keep your hair in premium condition. You don’t want to have split, broken hair. You can achieve salon perfect hair at home. Little wonder your hair stylist has kept this a secret from you. Achieving salon sleek locks need not cost you a fortune.