Newly-Released Razor S(h)aves the Day

As consumers seek to cut costs without sacrificing quality in the current economy, one area that seems ripe for adjustment is the razor aisle. Mainstream brands currently charge outrageous amounts for razor blades— simply because, until now, there hasn’t been a quality alternative. Holding a monopoly-like control over a lion’s share of the over $4 billion market, the major razor manufacturers systematically create impenetrable barriers to entry for challenger brands at retail.

The alternative is even more daunting. While the 5-for-a-dollar pack of twin-blade disposables can be tempting at checkout, the cuts and razor burn associated with the bargain-basement blades can also make anyone think twice.

Enter no-frills brand, which is seeking to introduce a novel yet simple concept: eliminate the middleman retailer in order to offer top-of-the-line quality razor blade systems and cartridges at half the price.

The newly launched site is now offering 12 cartridges of a 5-blade men’s or women’s razor for $25.95 (compared to approximately $44.99 for Fusion 8-cartridge replacements).
Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 7.18.28 PM
The American-made 5-Blade Razor (available in both women’s and men’s variety), evenly distributes pressure for a more comfortable and less irritating shave with enhanced pivoting for hard to reach areas. A lubricating moisture ribbon reduces skin irritation with Vitamin E and Aloe.  The thin blades are made from the finest steel and are ceramic-coated to resist rust and stay sharper longer.  The online retailer additionally offers a 3-Blade option for men.