10 Must Have Gifts for Pet Lovers

1. Silent & Unique Identification with the Twigo Pet ID Tag www.twigotags.com

2. Keep the Pet, Lose the Smell! Critter Zone now has an air purifier you can plug into your car for clean air on the go – for you and the cat and the stink bombs. Great for the hotel room too.  http://critterzoneusa.com/

3. Stay Calm & Bark (or Meow) On! BH Pet Gear just released the AKC Calming Coat & Calm Cat this Spring to ease your pet’s anxiety from Thunderstorms or other loud noises you may encounter along the way.  http://www.calm-coat.com/

4. New Interactive Puzzle Dog Toy by CYNJO.com called the Foobler!
Click here to check out the timer activated toy! http://cynjo.com/products/foobler

5. The Loving Bowl! Give your pet a knife and fork with the revolutionary Loving Pet Bowl. Great for smushed faced dogs and cats and comes in pink, white and blue. http://thelovingbowl.com/

6. Delightibles | Delicious Gourmet Cat Treats Your Cats Will Love!

7. Fuji & Friends! Fun dog inspired apparel for the whole family.
8. Jorge Bendersky by M Boutique launches All-Natural Shampoo and Conditioner for Dogs, try it today: http://www.mboutiqueintl.com/31-pets-by-jorge

9. Great Recipe Books Under $10 from Your Pet Chef, Lisa Hennessey:
Christmas: and Hannukah

10. Sit. Stay. Ride – New Side Care Documentary Film:
100% of filmmaker proceeds from local screenings and 25% of DVD and On-Demand sales will be donated to animal rescue organizations nationwide. For more information, visit http://www.sidecardogs.com/.