Year in Review 2016: Focus and Manifest


Jan: Year started off with my Mother in Law visiting! I’m working part time at a dating company and part time at Samsung’s NY Flagship store. My soaps launch at Story this month. Ricky comes to NY for his research project at Sloan Kettering!

My soaps are in Soho’s 3NY  and PIQ this month. I am working at the dating company as their Social Media Director and I quit Samsung!


This was a quiet month for me, the last month working at the dating company and attending a few blog events.


Head to Toronto for Roslyn’s Baby Shower and I start working at Bella PR again!


I attend the Makeup Show, Panda comes to visit and I go to Iowa for the first time this month and we visit Chicago!


We start sewing class at Mood, we go to San Francisco for Ford’s Conference  and I go to Bark Box Puppy Prom with Jacob. I turn 31 and Jacob turns 10 this month. We decide that we are going to leave NYC and move somewhere else.


My soaps get into the Brooklyn Museum!  I also create custom soaps for Pivot TV. Shannae comes to NY to visit this month and we do Desksides for Come Clean.


My dad comes to visit to this month! Soaps get featured on Complex and online sales go haywire. We decide to move to Vegas


Nolan comes to visit and my soaps go to Japan! Over 30 stores in Japan now carry my soaps. My dad comes back from Calgary and watches Jacob while Tai and I fly to Vegas to sign our new lease. My mom comes to help us pack up the house and we celebrate Tai’s 36th birthday in the Village.


Jacob and I fly to Vegas and Tai flies to Iowa to pick up his mom’s car. Soaps are in Colette! We settle in Vegas and experience B12 IV service at the MGM Hotel.


I head to New York for the Purina Pet Conference this month and Crystal comes to visit. She celebrates her birthday at Tao.


My mom comes to visit and Jacob gets bit at the dog park. He needs stitches and dental cleaning. My grandma has a stroke and I have to head back to Toronto with my mom. When I came back, Jacob was in bad shape and started to have kidney failure.

This year was about manifesting my dreams of having a beauty product of my own. Come Clean Soap became a reality in our tiny Soho apartment. We closed off the year in Vegas, the biggest gamble of all. Against all odds, you should always Bet on Yourself. – here comes 2016.

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