National Prom Day



New York, March 2016 – PromGirl, the largest nationwide online retailer of prom and special occasion dresses for teens, is excited to announce that March 31st has been officially established as National Prom Day by the National Day Calendar.

National Prom Day has been designed to celebrate this milestone event, allowing everyone to honor friendship, cherish memories, celebrate history, and enjoy the fun and excitement that comes with this special day. At the same time, we recognize that promoting safety and positive influences is very important. Developing a community that supports confidence, empowerment, and a celebration of young adults all around the world is a big part of National Prom Day.

“We are really excited for the launch of this landmark event and fully support the strong positive mission behind it,” said David Wilkenfeld, CEO of PromGirl. “We look forward to watching the message of empowerment develop as recognition for National Prom Day grows in the years to come.”

One of the goals of National Prom Day is to encourage Prom-goers of all ages to celebrate their individuality, their energy, and the history of prom on social media. In support of this campaign, PromGirl will be using #NationalPromDay with the tag @PromGirlxo to promote #TBT posts from Prom-goers of all ages. The company hopes that all generations will share photos from their prom, including parents, grandparents, family and friends to help celebrate the occasion and its history with a special throwback post. In addition, PromGirl will encourage community members to tag as many friends as they can on March 31st—friends who have empowered them to be who they are—in celebration of young adults around the globe!

In honor of National Prom Day, PromGirl is developing strategic alliances to help promote awareness for the occasion while giving back to good causes that share its values. PromGirl will make a donation for every dress sold on National Prom Day to organizations that are making a notable impact and difference in young people’s lives. This year, PromGirl will be partnering with Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), a long-standing champion of educating young people and developing prevention initiatives against destructive decisions. While SADD’s core focus remains on traffic safety, the organization has expanded its mission to also include substance abuse, suicide, depression, bullying, violence, body image, and more. SADD equips students with the best, most effective resources to take the lead on the issues that matter most.

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For more information or commentary from or the National Register on the establishment of the day, please contact Leesa Raab, For more information on SADD please, contact Dawn Teixeira (571) 271-8832.

About PromGirl LLC:

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About Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD):

ABOUT SADD For 35 years, SADD, Inc., headquartered in Marlborough, Mass., has been committed to empowering young people to successfully navigate the risks and pressures of everyday life. Founded as Students Against Driving Drunk in 1981, SADD has become the nation’s leading peer-to-peer youth health and safety organization, with thousands of chapters in middle schools, high schools, and colleges. An inclusive organization, SADD welcomes all youth seeking support for healthy and safe development. SADD promotes broad understanding of the risks facing youth and the importance of reinforcing protective factors. This is accomplished through scientifically supported programs and practices and by sharing youth voices and youth perspectives on issues, laws and policies involving the education, culture, health, safety and treatment of youth. SADD will be effective in accomplishing its mission through caring, compassionate, committed reinforcement of protective factors and elimination of risk factors for individual teens, and by pursuing best practices, sharing scientific knowledge and integrating evidence-based approaches into our work from concept to implementation to evaluation.

To become a Friend of SADD or for more information, visit us online at: or or follow SADD on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.