New CHI Haircare Product Launches

How to keep your confidence in this hot weather?

The best way is to show off your beautiful hair~

Here is our tip to your hair gorgeous.

Check out These New Product Launches by CHIScan 212

CHI Tea Tree Oil Collection is a haircare line enriched with both tea tree oil and peppermint oil for ultimate hair and scalp rejuvenation. The lavish line includes CHI Tea Tree Oil Shampoo, CHI Tea Tree Oil Conditioner, CHI Tea Tree Oil Blow Dry Primer Lotion, CHI Tea Tree Oil Serum, CHI Tea Tree Oil Soothing Scalp Spray, and CHI Tea Tree Oil Revitalizing Masque.  Treat your scalp and strands to these invigorating treatments for a healthier, replenished look.

The key ingredients are tea tree oil, peppermint oil, silk, and chamomile which all work collaboratively to purify the scalp while balancing oils and maintaining optimal moisture levels. The tea tree oil, an antioxidant, removes buildup while replenishing moisture by unclogging pores.  The silk also replenishes moisture and retains strength and shine as the chamomile soothes the scalp.

This haircare line offers a gentle solution for replenishing your scalp to achieve incredible strength and shine.


Price: $16-$30

Where to Buy:


The CHI Kabloom Brush is a little power packed brush that is not only brightly colored with squiggle shaped nylon bristles but also adds fun to every stroke.It is a great beauty accessory that fits easily in your purse, gym bag or brief case. As an added bonus, the reverse side of the brush has a mirror to check out your great style.

Ideal for medium to long hair.


Price: $9.96

Where to Buy: