Tips for the Fashion Week Newbie



Hurray! It’s Vancouver Fashion Week, but what do I wear?

Going to your first fashion week can sometimes seem a little daunting.
After all, there are designers, models, artist, actors and the creme de la creme of the “beautiful people” world. Hold up! While this may be partly true, keep in mind the event is about fashion, having fun and looking good doing so.

Your purpose is to check out the new collections; What are the “must haves” fashion pieces for next season and the newest and hottest designers to watch for next year. Let’s be honest; it’s also about seeing and being seen while showing off what YOUR style is. Yes, you may not be on the runway but you are attending the event and your appearance is important.

Naz, Stylist- Mandy Carnahan, Shawn Carnahan, and Janai

Here are a few tips to get you through this exciting event.

1. Be yourself – You are your best self when you are comfortable in what you are wearing. By comfortable, I don’t mean wearing flats, Lulus, and a t-shirt. I mean the outfit that states “this is me, and I look stunning.” Be current, but be yourself.

2. Trend statements – trends are constantly changing, hence the word “trend.” Changing your wardrobe every season to keep up with other fashionistas doesn’t mean, dare I say… you have YOUR style, it means you are a follower. Don’t be a follower, be a trendsetter. You can get statement pieces that are “trendy”- rock the bow tie, wear polka dots with stripes. If it’s you, be BOLD and own it!

3. Shoes – Shoes make all the difference to an outfit. You could be wearing the most expensive attire and have a poorly made shoe, and it would ruin your outfit. Start your outfit out by picking your shoes than work your way up. The last thing you need is to have the perfect outfit, get to your front door and not have a pair that compliments what you are wearing.

4. Confidence – Nothing in your wardrobe is more important than confidence. If you don’t have the confidence to pull it off, it won’t matter what you wear.

Model: Siena Hutton

5. Have fun – Sure people are judging, I’m judging right now, it’s human nature and who cares? When you sit in that chair and realize you get to watch your favorite designers showcase their newest collection LIVE, nothing else will matter.

6. Remember – You can never be too overdressed. This is so true and even more true for fashion week.

Janakie Singham
Janakie Singham