Aroma-Bloc Technology™ Handbags by Annabis

With the passing of Question 2, Nevada’s cannabis culture is about to get even more exciting with innovative products and lifestyle options. Leading the way is AnnaBis – the first high-end cannabis fashion brand – with their new holiday collection of aroma-blocking handbags for fashion-conscious cannabis users.


As Jeanine Moss, founder and CEO of AnnaBis, likes to say – “It’s legalized, now let’s make it civilized.”

AnnaBis, the first luxury fashion brand for sophisticated female cannabis consumers, announced a series of “firsts” today including its first anniversary of creating luxurious bags for women taking the high road.

AnnaBis launched in November 2015 at the MJ Business Conference in Las Vegas with its inaugural line of handbags and accessories crafted in fine leather and encased in aroma-concealing technology to keep the scent of cannabis fashionably and discreetly contained. AnnaBis bags are lined in Aroma-Bloc Technology™ and feature secret Aroma-Bloc™ compartments inside. Aroma-Bloc Technology™ consists of thin layers of resin film, airtight zippers and special production “nips and tucks” that provide confidence and style.

Annabis Chelsea Look


Over the past year customers increased their demand for accessories that contain scent, keep them organized and reflect a multitude of fashion styles like Boho, Rocker, Glam and Classic. AnnaBis sold out several styles and went back into production three times before producing the 2016 holiday line, available online in mid-November.


AnnaBis’ is the first fashion brand to create accessories encased in Aroma-Bloc Technology™ with extra protection provided by sealed Aroma-Bloc™ compartments hidden inside each bag. Aroma-Bloc Technology™ consist of thin layers of resin film, airtight zippers and special production “nips and tucks” so women can carry their cannabis with confidence and style.


Based on 2016’s best-selling Melissa Wristlet and Whoopee Vape cases new holiday styles include slightly bigger sizes and extra cushioning for glass pipes and vapes. In addition, an everyday crossbody and a waistbag for events and music festivals have been added. AnnaBis accessories feature Aroma-Bloc™ technology, ergonomic straps and secret Aroma-Bloc™ compartments hidden under faux linings. The new collection debuts mid-November at the MJ Business Conference and on the company’s website. It is available in snake print leather, black buff python, purple buff python, navy and black quilted leather (perfect for carrying glass), red lizard print, rose gold and pewter foil.


AnnaBis was created when Founder and CEO Jeanine Moss saw grown women acting like guilty teenagers, sneaking around with baggies and tea tins in their Coach, Kate Spade and Louis Vuitton handbags. And she was one of them! Even when consuming cannabis legally, women felt like criminals. Recognizing that others shared her passion for organization, discretion, beauty and style, and incensed over the stigma associated with the plant, Moss created AnnaBis, the first brand bringing high fashion to female cannabis consumers.

AnnaBis styles are the direct result of personal experience combined with research from hundreds of women across the country. With a background in new product development for America’s top consumer goods companies, Moss believes that customers know best. She interviewed women at WomenGrow events, at dispensaries, parties and in companies to learn about their concerns and needs and actively solicits feedback every day.



Moss also discovered that AnnaBis women are adventurous, open-minded, culturally curious, and enjoy travel and fitness. That’s why the company created the first travel guides for the cannabis-curious The AnnaBisGreenGuides, for Women Taking the High Road. Women wanted to know the rules in various cities and where to go to eat, sleep and meet other like-minded people. Guides for Denver, Los Angeles and San Francisco are available for free download now by going to

LadyG Convertible Waistbag/Crossbody: Fashionable, adaptable, discreet we’re soul mates


image002Lady G is the cool crossbody that becomes a waistbag with an easy clip of the strap. She fits in everywhere from a museum gala or music festival to serious adventure. The silky interior lining hides an air-tight Aroma-Bloc™ compartment that tames smelly sinsemilla and pungent paraphernalia and avoids prying eyes and noses. Goddesses of organization love that she’s roomy enough for a wallet, keys and phone with a tiny elastic lighter band and pockets for lotion, eye drops and mints! Practice your poker face, she won’t tell if you don’t. 100% genuine Italian leather exterior, Aroma-Bloc Technology™ and available in snake print leather, black quilted leather and cognac leather with whipstitch. MSRP: $245


Kirsten Crossbody: Say hello to your BBF (best bag forever)image011

The casual go-to bag — like that friend you call when you just want to head to your café society life, or yoga or out. (Phone? Check! Wallet? Check! Keys? No more where are my…!?). Sumptuous aroma controlled leather shell has two deep, secure external pockets for easy access – one holds a matching coin purse held by a strap. Elegant lining conceals a zippered Aroma-Bloc™ compartment with plenty of space for Mary Jane. Interior pouches and elastic bands organize tools and accessories. All they’ll see is your style. 100% genuine Italian leather exterior, Aroma-Bloc Technology™ and available inblack buff python, pewter foil and cognac pebble. MSRP: $225

Maya Wristlet: Supporting your right to choose               


Maya is the happiness bag for a phenomenal woman. Throw her in a tote or keep in hand at a dinner party — she’ll look amazing either way. Easy-access secure external phone pocket maximizes marijuana storage inside. Two internal Aroma-Loc™ zippered compartments keep the scent of herb contained. She also neatly organizes tools of discretion like mints, eyedrops and perfume. 100% genuine leather, Aroma-Bloc Technology™ available in snake print leather, black buff python, purple buff python, navy quilted leather, rose gold foil leather and red lizard print leather. MSRP: $125


RiRi Wristlet: Really, ridiculously right


RiRi works hard and looks fierce while she’s at it. The carry case for women who know what they need: Some serious glassware and super fresh green. The elegant exterior is fancy enough for a night at the opera, and works as a powerful protective cushion for pipes and vapes. An all-around Aroma-Loc™ zippered case with an extra Aroma-Loc™ divider compartment inside makes her doubly effective. 100% leather exterior, Amoma-Bloc Technology™ available in black quilted leather, purple buff python leather, red lizard print and pewter foil leather. MSRP: $95